sahel military aid vs developmental assisatance

JFK stated, the basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution. Resolved: Development assistance should be prioritized over military aid in the Sahel region of Africa. F. C. S. D. Development assistance- the transfer of resources (cash, commodities or services) which promote the economic or welfare development of the recipient. (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Prioritized- to list in order of importance of need. (MW) Military aid- aid which comes in the source of armed forces in warlike matters. eserso dictionary) Sahel Region of Africa- A semiarid region of north-central Africa south of the Sahara Desert. That has been afflicted by prolonged periods of extensive drought. (the free dictionary) Before I start into my contentions I’d like to clarify a few points. Military force should be used when necessary, but developmental assistance should be more highly prioritized. Secondly, The resolution states nothing of whom will be providing military aid or developmental assistance.

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So, any argument by the opponent stated his aid would impede on the welfare of any one country or organization should be regarded as ill relevant to the resolution. Contention one, In the Sahel Region of Africa peace-time militarism is Just as violent as the events they call war. Positive peace is the only way to avoid military ecocide and extermination of indigenous peoples. Positive Peace is defined by the Oxford as The condition characterized by the existence of peaceful social and cultural beliefs and norms; the presence of Justice at all levels (economic, social, and political); the shared emocratic use of power; and non-violent.

Contention two, Many African leaders have recognized that developmental assistance promotes capability. USIAD stated “we can’t stop droughts from happening, but we can enable communities to withstand these shocks and move forward by building resilience and fostering sustainable growth”. recognizing that drought related crises are no longer cyclical but chronic, East African leaders met in Nairobi and requested support for ecosystem sustainability, anticipate and manage climate change.

They also called for eform of the humanitarian response and development assistance, to enhance resilience and promote long-term solutions. Also, the US supports developmental assistance over military aid. ThinkAfricaPress states “Western governments look set to increase their military support for Sahelian and Saharan countries. But they do this based on incorrect assumptions, misguided objectives and questionable methods. At best, this trend will cost a lot of money and lives, and achieve little. At worst, it will lead to a worsening spiral of violence, producing the very outcomes

Western powers fear. ” My Last Contention, Humanitarian problems (which would be solved by Developmental aid) far out way the conflict problem (which would could be solved my military aid. ) Proof of this comes from state. gov where they state “the Sahel faced a serious humanitarian crisis in 2012 brought on by a severe drought and failed harvests that put 18. 7 million people at risk for food insecurity, including one million children at risk of severe acute malnutrition. ” Furthermore proof that military is not of much use, comes from

Scott Johnson in Newsweek, where he speaks on the terrorists in the Sahel, He states that the terrorists which many people are worried about and demand military action to be taken against “have failed to outline a clear rationale for their attacks, and their operations are more like those of small-time criminals than purveyors of ideological hatred bent on regional or global domination and that they are not a threat on the world stage, It has no global ambitions. It doesnt even seem to have local ambitions.

TheyVe devolved into a gang. Which doesn’t merit the use of military force. ” The paper Lacher 2013 also says on the threat of drug-dealing in the Sahel, “the widespread talk of a drug-terror nexus in the Sahel is misleading, for several reasons. First, much of the evidence presented as basis for such claims can either be easily debunked, or is impossible to verify. the Abraham Flexner stated, no nation is rich enough to pay for both war and civilization. We must make our choice; we cannot have both. For this reason we believe that

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