Safe School Programme in Malaysia

Issue of School’s Safety and Security in Malaysia, “The Safe School Programmer” Schools have a duty to provide safe and nurturing environments that support and promote children’s’ education and development. The Safe School Programmer was established by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education in 2002 resulted from the growing concerns about safety and security issues in school like incidents of school violence, vandalism, theft, bullying, gangsters, and general student discipline and misconduct.

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In 1999, the Educational Planning and Policy Research Division of the Ministry of Education conducted a study in response to public demand for safer schools in Malaysia. Results of the study indicated that students’ involvement in delinquent activities is influenced by their ethnicity, peer group, place of residence and technology through media exposure such as movies and television programmer, and internet. Today, technology has provided new opportunities for law abiding as more young people depend on mobile phones and the internet communication and entertainment like backbone, coatrooms and blobs.

The main objective of the Safe School Programmer was to reduce school violence and contribute safe school culture and environment with close co-operation with families and local communities. Other objectives are to protect the rights of each individual in the school, enhance the quality of teaching and learning and encourage all involved to make positive contribution towards the school. In the programmer, a Safe School Committee will be established in each school.

Amongst of it roles are to prepare a code of ethics and responsibilities for the school community and other individuals, actively promote the code of ethics, and educate and train teachers to equip the them with intervention skills so that they are able to manage violence among students. To ensure the programmer is successful, schools, family members and communities have to involve actively and co-operate with each other so that every child can live free of fear and violence.

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