Sabah Borneo

Participant’s name: Carrie Costa Florin (SKI Kebab) Title: Adventure in Saba Good morning to all wise Judges, the teachers, friends and to all pupils. Today, I would like to talk about the many adventures in Saba that we can proud of and as a destination for visiting. Saba is located at the northern tip of Borneo, the thirds largest island. It has a long coastline that washed by the South China Sea on the West and the Sulk Sea and the Celebes Sea on the East. It has some of the beautiful beaches and islands in the world.

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Saba is also known as “The Land Below The mind”. Firstly, Jota Kimball, as its capital, is a developing commercial centre and also holiday destination. Jota Kimball offers a lot of attractions such as the State Museum, the State Mosque, the Gay Street Fair, Tanning Are beach, the water villages in Keg. Air and the islands nearby such as Managua Island and Manumit Island. We do not face problem to find out where to stay because there are lots of hotels and resorts in Jota Kimball.

You may choose to stay at the Shanghai-La’s Tanning Are Resort or at Magellan Suture Hotel near Jota Kimball or Promenade Hotel in down town itself, or in Suture Harbor or at Nexus Grammarian Resort in Outran, about 15 minutes by road away from the city centre. Other than Jota Kimball City, we can travel to the North of Borneo to Kudus that there has a place called ‘The Tip of Borneo’ at Gimping Managua, where can be visited and there you can find out the awesome views of the very beautiful and clear water. Composer at the east also very popular with its floating chalet and restaurant.

Secondly, Saba offers many interesting to visit through its rainforest’s such as at Lady Data that best now for its wild life conservation where as we can stay at Tibia Resort to see the wild animal such elephant, rhinoceros, wild boar and many more. Tibia Wildlife Reserve is a primary rainforest’s which protects the habitats of many of Malaysia’s large mammals like orangutans, rhinos and elephants. The place is also perfect for birdwatchers because it houses hundreds of species of birds living in the Jungle and at the swamps. Among these are hornless, eagles and owls.

Plenty of tourists enjoy taking night safari in the area to witness the life of wild animals in the dark. The mud volcano is also popular feature at Tibia Wildlife Reserve for its muddy pools. The Orange-tan Sanctuary at Spoilt near Sandman also a very interesting place to visit where orange-tans are found living in their natural habitat. It is a lowland rainforest’s reserve which is popular for rehabilitating formally domesticated animals into wild. Large tropical trees are found in the area where endangered primates and others also found. Nearby, in Kimball Park, is Mat.

Kimball with 4,mm height, make it the highest peak in South East Asia. The Raffles, the largest flower in the world can be found here as well. Various species of the plant such as ‘pitcher’ or ‘period Kerr’ can be found there as well. Interesting forest trails that almost resemble of paradise. Datum Valley Conservation Area in Taw area is a research centre in the midst of rainforest’s. Datum Valley is popularly known as a paradise especially to campers, trekkers and hikers. Some of the exciting things that tourist enjoy are watching birds, observing the wildlife and doing nature photography.

Thirdly, Saba also best known in the world for its corals t Caspian Island. We can snorkel and swim to look the famous marine life and corals. This island should not be missed especially by people who seek extraordinary underwater adventure. Other such islands are the Laying-laying Island, the Mabel Island and the Lankan Island. Fourthly, Saba also has over 30 different ethnic groups and each with their own customs, costumes and festivals. The most popular festival is the Kanata Festival which is celebrated by the Astounding. It is celebrated after a successful rice harvest in 30th and 31st May every year.

The actives is popular for its traditional dances and musical instrument such as gongs. The different people of Saba gather to sell their products like food, fruits, vegetables, handicraft and even buffaloes in tama. The most interesting tama can be found in Jota Belle where the Bauhaus gather in their traditional costumes on horses to make the tama more colorful. There are lots more place to visit in Saba in future, so lets us appreciate it and put our best effort to Join together to make sure the nature resources well conserve to make sure our next generation can be blessed from it.

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