ryan lochte resume

RYAN LOCHTE Ryan Lochte has been swimming formally for eight years now. He started swimming when he was Just five years old by going to swimming classes but started competing when he Joined his college swimming team in 2005. Lochte has been practicing and competing for several events now; 200m backstroke, 4x100m freestyle relay, 200m individual medley among others. Ryan Lochte was born in Rochester, New York. Hi s mom being from Cuba and born and raised in Havana and his father being from German and English decent.

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His father being a swimming teacher made him go to swimming classes at the age of five but always got kicked out be cause of pulling other kids legs, blowing bubbles and hiding at the other side of the pool. He started taking swimming seriously in his Junior year of high school. Ryan currently lives in Port Orange, Florida where he trains on a daily basis and competes all over the world in different types of events. He continues to swim and prepare for the 2016 Olympics. Swimming has been recorded since prehistoric times over 7,000 years ago.

This started when people of the time simply went into the ocean or the rivers. Competitive swimming started in Europe in the 1800’s by mostly using breaststroke. As the years went by swimming started to evolve and it then became what it is today. Some of the basic rules for swimming are the swimming attire; you always have to swim with a swimming cap, goggles and obviously a swimming suit. In all of the styles after you finish the lap you have to touch the wall with your feet. Not swimming with your chest looking up etc.

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