Role of Family in nation building

It is indeed true that our family is the basic unit of our society and it is considered as the frontline security of our nation. A family is view like a feet, it is the foundation of man’s body system for it aeries the weight of the body which characterize the nation as a whole. If the family is weak so as the nation. Also, the family is one of the basic molders of a nation’s culture and values. It the natural and primary right duty of the parent’s in rearing the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character.

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It serves as root of production of primary individuals who became priest, government and law enforcer, artist, teachers, businessmen reporters and etc. The second important realization is the transformational leadership style that become a major factor in changing the ivies of subordinates. It appeals to the motivational skills of leaders who can change their men and strengthen the moral aspect of every individual.

I was struck by the story about the Great Wall of China were the barbarians was able to invade China without destroying its humongous building blocks of walls protecting its territory. The question goes down on the moral aspect of the guards who was bribe by the barbarians. This enchanted my mind that as a future leader, I must be a leader by example and be a role model to my men so that they can see a good leader by example. My third important realization is molding the character of a person.

It relies on its environment and culture he grown up. The teachings of the school play a major role in the development of one’s person self-integrity and capability. The intervention of family ties must be hand by hand so that parent’s can watch and guide their children in the right path of life. “It is better to light the candle than to curse the darkness”, these phrase help us to realize that it is not late to make the change and be a part in our nation’s building towards development of our country.

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