Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy

In the movie Rivers and Tides: Andy Glasswort, the artist starts out by creating a master piece made from nothing but objects found in nature. I love the way he used a pool of water as a canvas and used different brightly colored leaves as his paint. The composition of the leaves makes it appear like a bright wave of the color fall. He arranged them in such a way that the colors blended together to create one piece, giving it the optical mixing effect. His medium of art is the natural surrounding wherever he may be. If he were somewhere cold, it would be ice he would use. If it were hot, he would use rocks or ranches as his medium.

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He never brought any materials with him to help him if it was difficult to do. He didn’t even use glue or rope, things to bind the medium together. He would use snow and water for ice, or nothing at all when it came to sticks. Most of his pieces in the video were curvilinear. He stated that he was in love with the movements of the water has the rivers flowed in a curved pattern. None of his pieces were anthropomorphic though. He saw nature as it was and created his own image of it. One of his pieces to me resembled effigy. He took broken pieces of icicles and tuck them to a rock sticking out of the ground.

It resembled the free flowing river going through the frozen icy ground, going through the rock itself. It turned out better then he thought it would and to me the light was Just perfect as it shined on both sides of the rock, illuminating the ice. It had a kinetic sense to it, almost as if the frozen water was going through the solid rock. All of his works have mass to them. To me, the more he takes interest in the idea of the artwork, the more three-dimensional it turns out to be. He creates asymmetry when he takes the branches and logs to make a hollow mom.

Not using anything but the branches themselves, he slowly started to build the walls of the dome to where there was only a small hole in the top of it. He picked a spot to where when the tide came in, it picked it up and floated it down the river, as it slowly fell apart, one branch at a time. The same for when he stacked the flat stone to make an egg shaped mound on the beach. Except this time instead of the tide washing it away, it simply vanished under the waves coming in with the tide. I love, but disagree, with the way he creates a piece of artwork from nature, only to et it fall apart or wash away in the end.

His technique is nothing I have ever heard of before. It’s the moment of the artwork that gets treasured and not the artwork itself. It’s an interesting way for an artist to approach their style of art. When I make art, I want people to away over it for all time, when he creates his art for the passion of it, just that moment in time. His artwork can never be in a museum. Only photographs or videos are the only proof of his creations ever existed, but that’s the beauty of it. Rivers and Tides: Andy Glasswort By Legwarmer

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