Retailing in india

The large store variety and layouts of merchandise would likely appeal to consumers in India for a few reasons. One reason would be that these large retailers could create more efficiency in that they would allow a customer to purchase a wide assortment of goods in one stop. Another reason is that they could sell brand-name products at more affordable prices. It may be wise to also take into consideration that more than half of Indian’s population consists of people under the age of twenty-five. A group that is far more receptive to innovative reduces and ideas.

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This group is far more likely to purchase new and technologically advanced products, ones that karakas are unable to provide. Discussion Question 2: I believe that the Indian government’s willingness to spend $500 billion to improve the nation’s infrastructure is a great relief for international retailers. That money will go to providing new roads, which in turn will expand the distance a consumer could and would be willing to travel. This would allow for retailers to find real estate in areas outside of urban areas, which provide extremely limited space, and help prevent mailer store owners from being displaced.

I would imagine that real estate in these undeveloped areas would be cheaper than having to purchase property from existing businesses. The government, having invested so much money, would likely loosen up on restrictions that it imposes on these outside retailers in order to get a better return on its investment and help grow the economy. Discussion Question 3: Probably the most significant change in the Indian consumer is the age of the consumer. As I stated above, more than half of the Indian population consists of people under the age of twenty-five.

This generation has been exposed to many innovative products that were unknown to their parents. This generation is far more receptive to the newer products and ideas, and is likely to have a higher demand for new and technologically advanced products. This causes many to believe that the country cultural tastes will likely evolve. Retailers could find out more about Indian’s youthful demographic by doing surveys online, at local universities and social hot spots. Companies could also research what products are being purchased online and shipped into the country.

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