Response to “Two ways a woman can get hurt”

English 112 5/17/2013 According to the article “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” by Jean Kilojoules advertising is dehumidifying to women and men which portrays sexually explicit material. It is all about the marketing of products. In today’s society, women are being exploited and degraded by men. In the world of advertising, it is all about making money in addition, promoting a product. Jean Kilojoules stated that”the poses and postures of advertising are often borrowed from pornography’ (page 576). Therefore, men see women as objects and not the reduce that is advertised.

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For example in the Pepsi ad with Beyond when reviewed, men had a a lot to say about Bounce’s physical appearance rather than how good the Pepsi looks in addition, the taste. Men visualize women as a pleasurable object. As stated in “Sex in Advertising: Gender Differences and the Role of Relationship Commitment by Jadeite Sanguine, Darrel W. Dahl and Kathleen D Voss,* . Marketers has resorted to radical tactics to capture consumer attention, one such popular tactic uses explicit sexual images in advertising even when the sexual mages in advertising has little relevance to the advertised product. In one of my class presentations, I depicted a scene where energize battery is being advertised and in the advertisement were two little children a boy and a girl, not more than five years old. The tagging for that ad was “Never let their toys die. ” The picture showed the little boy with his pants opened and the little girl taking a peep in his pants. Nothing to do with the battery, but production in that company probably increased because of the ad. In Jean Silkscreen’s article, (page 592), it talks of a six ear old that was on the cover of five magazines.

She was murdered in her home and the news reported her as a pre-adolescent. Jean Kilojoules said, “Imagine describing a six year old as “pre-adolescent. ” It is theses disturbing ads that was allegedly presumed was the cause of the little girl’s death. It is probably a sex offender or a rapist who saw the ad and maybe she can be my next victim. This is violence from advertising. Jean Kilojoules stated in her article “In general, females are still held responsible and hold each other responsible when sex goes wrong-when they come pregnant are the victims of rape or sexual assault or cause a scandal. In other words, women are responsible for themselves and should not let an ad intimidate them and leave them going to be apart of an ad that depicts bad of their character or culture and be strong to walk away from doing the ad. In “Sex in advertising: Gender differences and the role of relationship commitment” ‘This study focuses on the gratuitous use of sexual images in advertising, which is defined as the use of a sexual image that is unnecessarily explicit to promote a product or service.

Extant research in this area suggests that consumers respond negatively to this type of advertising because the gratuitous use of sex is viewed as unethical (La Tour and Honoree 1994, 2003,)once, one study examined reactions to a perfume ad that featured overt and explicit sexual content (I. E. , a couple shown in an intercourse-like position). In comparison with a control perfume ad with milder content (I. E. , an attractive female model), both men and women found the explicitly sexual ad to be unethical and manipulative, and reported equivalently negative attitudes toward the ad (Imitate and Lascar 2000).

Other research corroborated the notion that, irrespective of gender, the explicit and inappropriate use of sex typically induces unfavorable reactions (e. G. , Peterson and Kerri 1977; Simpson, Horton, and Brown (1996). ” The article above is an experiment that was done and people responded negatively to the results of sexually advertised products. Someone in authority should look into the dehumidifying of women and their bodies being portrayed as objects, so society would view women differently and men loud have respect from women.

In addition, violence will decrease. Works Cited Sex in Advertising: Gender Differences and the Role of Relationship Commitment Darrel W. Dahl, Jadeite Sanguine, and Kathleen D. Voss Journal of Consumer Research , Volvo. 36, No. 2 (August 2009), up. 215-231 Published by: The University Of Chicago Press Article DOE 10. 1086/597158 Article Stable URL: http://www. Astor. Org/stable/10. 1086/5971 58 Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt Advertising and Violence Killable Jean Edited by: Colombo Gary, Culled Robert and Lisle Bonnie Published by: Pediatricians

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