Response to the Movie GATTACA

GATTACA Response The main point of the movie GATTACA is to show that as humans make more discoveries in genetics, changes will start happening in how we view the ideas of stem cell research, artificial insemination, and other methods of study of embryos and humans in general. The GATTACA industry in the movie shows that advancements have been made in the process of birth in society and gene selection. “Perfect” people now hold the highest place in society because of the advantages they have in intelligence, body shape and stamina, and health.

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The individuals who re born in society through “faith birth” do not have as good of a chance to be successful because they are looked down upon for having flaws that can be avoided through the altering of genes in the embryos before they are born through artificial insemination. The ethical issues that are raised in this movie have to do with the concept of “genism”. Genism is the prejudice that society has created through the favorability of those with altered genes, and detesting of those with natural births.

It can be compared to racism or sexism, with the idea that one race, sex, or gene structures is ore powerful and entitled than another. There is also the idea that there are wasted lives because of the killing off of embryos that have defective gene structures. This argument also brings up the whole question of abortion and “What stage of pregnancy defines a human being? ” The technology of DNA in this movie is used in a positive light in the sense that it can control what embryos are suitable for living.

If there is a very serious defect that could be deadly to a child, instead of bearing a child that suffers and dies early, a family can have a healthy baby and not deal with the pain and loss of a child. I think that the negative effects greatly outweigh the positive effects, however. This is because there is too much power held in the hands of the parents and the scientists involved in selecting the embryo.

God creates each individual for a special purpose and loves them all the same, no matter what is physically or mentally wrong with them. I think this technology is also dangerous, because if it is put in the hands of the wrong people, very unfair treatment could occur through experimentation and lack of value for human life. I think we could be very close to the verge of breaking through with this echnology, and may have already started with different forms of research in this area.

It is important that the different scientific organizations and governments start with regulations now on how far these processes can go. If that doesn’t happen, stem cell research and gene altering could easily become out of control and create situations that may even be similar to that in GATTACA. If control is established now, there can be more insight into how these can create positive aspects into the advancement of mankind. Response to the Movie GATTACA By cmillerbroncs22

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