Report to an acadymy by franz kafka

“A Report to an Academy In the “A report of academy’ by Franz Kafka, here we can see that he compare human between ape. The idea of these works the recognition of meaninglessness of human existence. Sometimes, in order become human, you must feel in the skin of animal. Animals show satire on human society. Then the eyes of a scientific monkey show people. For example, the fact that it has begun to make man – the ability to spit, smokes and drinks vodka. And this is a major step toward a humankind. But the main story yet, and freedom.

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First he was invited to the Academy; he was honest and said only truth. When he came he said that pleasure that people who helped him to be a human and who believed him. Due to him he became like a human. For example the first think that he learned was to give a handshake, it meaner to be a human, one of the important things it is handshake. He used many teachers indeed several teachers at once. Secondly he could not find way to out, he was like prisoner. He didn’t need freedom, he would like only move anyway. He said that he was in small cell, can’t move anywhere.

To be human he made a lot of things he teach himself to be like human. He was a human but he forgot himself. It is mean that he didn’t understand what he live, where he live why he live. One thing that he was with people like he, and he was them during his life. He accustomed him, then he did what they did like animal. If they were a little bit intelligent they will be human,but it is not enough! Even he didn’t know his childhood, Just some body said about him, it is mean that he was not living Just his desire was owner Firstly from immemorial time human have been living in earth like an animal,

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