Regression Analysis for Sanitary napkin

Finally, on the basis of above experiments at different stages, the entire analysis has en divided into three macro levels. These macro levels are a. Awareness level: It was analyzed by considering Soft awareness (aided) as the target variable (dependent) with respect to TV awareness (Aided), Newspaper and Shop display at CLC. B. Brand Image level: It was analyzed by considering various messages (Trust, Well known, No leak, Absorbent, No Sidereal) of brand Soft in relation with TV, Newspaper, Shop and heard from a friend (word of mouth) at 90% CLC. C.

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Purchase Intention: It level was analyzed by considering variables of previous two bevels. The dependent variable was considered as Intention to purchase with respect to TV awareness (Aided), Newspaper Display, Image as Well known, Trust, Shop display and heard from a friend (Word of mouth) at 90% CLC. Findings: TV awareness (Aided) is driven by Grips of brand Soft. However, it is important to note that Grips are impacting at cumulative level of 4 weeks and not at weekly basis. In other words Exposures in the past 4 weeks drive TV Aided Awareness. Given the Category and its sensitivity, this was felt to be logical.

The data in various other variables is being rationalized by taking 4 weeks average to remove any short term impact and volatility by external factors. It has been observed that, cumulative Grips of Soft is impacting brand awareness, TV awareness and trust as image of a brand. This could be due to the fact that TV as major media platform impacting the visibility over a period of time, which potentially leads to brand awareness and trust. At message level trust in brand is a key driver variable – intention too seems like a robust variable and is obviously the most directly relevant s a measure of prospective sales.

We have taken Target Variables at three levels: Brand Awareness of Soft (Aided) Trust in the Brand Intention to Purchase Observations Brand Awareness: Observations: a. Brand awareness (aided) for Soft in Bangor market is impacted major by TV awareness (Display) followed by word of mouth and shop display. B. Brand awareness is in Iambi is major impacted by TV and word of mouth where as shop display followed by shop display. C. Brand awareness for Delhi market is significantly impacted by TV followed by shop display.

So, Sofas awareness (aided) as a brand is driven by TV awareness and Shop display across three markets (Bangor, Iambi and Delhi). However, Word of mouth is impacting brand awareness level in Bangor and Iambi markets. Brand Image: a. In Bangor market Soft as trustworthy brand is being driven by TV and Newspaper. B. Sofas image as trustworthy brand in Iambi market is impacted by user experience, word of mouth and newspaper display. C. However, in Delhi market TV awareness (Aided) is driving the image of Soft as Trustworthy brand, followed by word of mouth and somewhat by shop display. Be adequate for this task. The special activity in Bangor was quite relevant and important for Brand Image. Brand Purchase Intention: Finally, the intention to purchase a. In Bangor market is being driven by word of mouth, TV awareness (aided) followed by newspaper and shop display. B. In Iambi market TV awareness (aided) and Sofas image as trustworthy brand image followed by user experience, shop display and word of mouth. C. However, in Delhi market Shop display and TV awareness (aided) are driving the intention to purchase for brand Soft.

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