I understand that people are entitled their opinions and beliefs. Megan Patella made the choice of aborting her pregnancy after she and her husband was told that their son would have severer medical issues. I have four children, ranging from twenty-two to nine. My nine year-old is autistic and needs constant attention. I cannot and begin to understand why one would want to kill a life for any reason.

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Megan and her husband, according to the article were trying to conceive a child late in adulthood. Not until they got the result from the genetics doctor that their son “would have a chromosomal disorder and would present a series of major physical and emotional challenges and possible surgeries down the road” (Patella, 2103). I highlighted possible because even right here there was that uncertainty of the test result. Megan stated that her and her husband felt that they were dealt a bum hand with this conception. No one dealt them anything they were trying to conceive a hill.

Life in itself is a miracle, which according to Florida vital statistic there were 237,166 births in 2006. Then to get the readers to be passionate about her cause she states the doctor put her and her husband out into the parking lot thro. She leads the reader to believe that this was there only exit because they ask about aborting there son. Not only did Megan go through with the abortion she did so in an unlawful manner. Florida law prohibits that termination off pregnancy in the second or third trimester without the consult of a second physician (INSTITUTE, 2013).

Megan stated in her article that Florida law prohibits abortion after 24 weeks. According to Stomacher Institute, State of Later Abortions the state of Georgia has some relax laws when it comes to abortions. This is why Megan and her husband drove to another city possible out of state to Georgia. Laws were not meant to be broken. This was a true homicide, killing an unborn child in the manner in which they did should be outlawed. Then there was the complication that resulted in hospitalizing. To me this is Just karma; they terminated something that was given o them by God.

Megan stated that she did a lot of research to find a doctor that would perform abortion surfing the internet. Megan references the Stomacher Institute, which is a web site that is put into place to enhance public awareness on sexual and reproduction health worldwide. Stomacher Institute is a non-based university that has received many prestigious awards. Megan used a valid source to gain here information in her article. In the State of Later Abortion article on the Stomacher website it identifies by state what laws prevail over abortions? Megan is heeds a different light on the subject.

With her Journalism skills, Megan strategically placed small innuendos throughout her article to gain compassion from the readers. First Megan stated the doctor lead her to a door that opened in a parking lot. Without knowing the building I am sure that was the same door she came into. Second Megan stated that the doctor was not cordial when he entered the room, and how the procedure room looked. This statement could be true however it once again allows the reader to feel sorry for situation. Thirdly, Megan painted a grim picture of he entire process from start to finish.

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