Realism: African American and Black Boy

I believe that Black Boy is a representative of realism and naturalism. I say this because both terms touches on not only the poor conditions of the south and the terrible way that whites treated the blacks but also on how Negroes had to not only sacrifice themselves but also other Negroes Just to try and make a decent living this was not only in the south but in the north as well. The literary definition for Realism is “the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly. On the other hand the literary definition of tiramisu I found meaner “to suggest that social conditions, heredity and environment have inescapable forces in shaping human character. Now that we know the definition of the two terms I will start my argument off with realism. In black boy Wright talks about all of the many obstacles he had to overcome in the mists of trying to become a successful writer. The fact that Wright couldn’t read or write didn’t make his situation any better.

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Wright states, “There was a huge library near the river front but I know that Negroes were not allowed to patronize its shelves any more than they were the parks and play grounds of the city. (1471) Wright wanted to learn how to read and because he couldn’t Just walk into the library and get books Wright talked his Irish catholic co-worker into using his library card which worked out fine being that the whites didn’t like him and he didn’t care for them either. Being black in the south you were restricted from doing a lot of things especially if the whites felt that you were trying to condition yourself to be better than them.

Black had a very small window to do what they wanted. Another statement Wright makes is “l now Knew What being a Negro meant. “(1475) Wright goes on to say “l have endured the hunger. (1475) I have learned to live with hate. “(1475) Wright learned to deal with these things without even realizing that he was doing it. For Wright it was the way of life, the way things Just were, not realizing that some situations don’t have to be that way that there is such thing as living your life the way that you choose to live it.

At that point Wright decided that the best thing for him is to move north in search of freedom. Off to the north Wright went only to see that the north was Just as ratchet as the south in the north to the whites you were still nothing but another Negro only difference was that you had less freedom n the south nothing came easy in the north. Naturalism as I stated earlier suggests that social conditions, heredity and environment has inescapable force in shaping human character.

I believe the definition meaner that whatever conditions you grew up around and the type of environment you grew up in determines how situations. There were plenty of times that Wright found himself getting over on some of his own African American people. That was one of the harsh realities of trying to make ends meet in a time where you can barely make it. In black boy Wright Talks about how he sold insurance. The thought of selling insurance to ignorant Negroes disgusted me. “(1480). “Well if you don’t sell them somebody else will. ” You’ve got to eat don’t you? (1480). The fact that blacks had to take advantage of other blacks was degrading enough, but to take advantage of the ones that was Just dirt poor so that you can make a better living for yourself is Just sad. I guess in those days it was every man for themselves. Wright discusses how he worked with politicians to help bribe the blacks to vote. ” I went from door to door with the precinct captain and discovered that the whole process was one long recess of bribery, that people voted for three dollars, for the right to continue their illicit trade in sex or alcohol. (1486) Again Wright sold out his own people for the white man so that he can make a few dollars literally. In conclusion in my opinion I honestly feel like realism and naturalism is a process that seems to repeat itself over and over again. A lot of things that I read in the story of black boy I see in my everyday life today. Unemployment rate is up, there is bribery when it comes to Job or Just trying to get over on someone so that they can make a profit. Right now today our economy is down.

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