Rabbit Proof Fence Vs. Fahrenheit 451

Rabbit Proof Fence Vs…. Fahrenheit 451 Rabbit Proof Fence was a movie directed in 2002 which narrated the Journey of three girls who took part of the stolen generation. Molly along with Daisy and Grace were kidnapped from their mothers and brought into these homes; thought after a few days they decided to escape without thinking about the consequences. At the end of the movie they arrived home to their mother. However Fahrenheit 451 talk about Guy Montage (the main character), burns books with the rest of the fireman.

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The people in the society do not read books and enjoy nature, they spend time by themselves. As a result in both the movie and the book there is a clear comparison; bravery Molly, Gracie, and Daisy. The main characters (Molly, Daisy and Grace) of Rabbit Proof Fence show bravery by escaping from the orphanages that the government placed them and many other half-castes children after kidnapping them from their birth mothers. All of the movie was based on the Journey they accomplished and showed their bravery.

They weren’t ware of the danger they were putting themselves , it was a countrywide news, everybody knew of their escape. In the book Fahrenheit 451 , Claries and Montage develop a friendly relationship. They talk about ideas and thoughts in a way that no one in this society seems to do anymore. Because of Clavicle’s influence, Montage grows more concerned about his own life. Then one day, Claries disappears and Montage is troubled. Work troubles him even more, for he must participate in burning an old woman’s home.

Refusing to eave her books and her belongings, she lights her own fire and stays inside, dying a martyr. Montage is moved by the woman’s bravery and sees it as a symbol of what is wrong with society. Almost in protest, he steals a book from the woman’s house. ” The sun burnt every day. It burnt Time … Time was busy burning the years and the people anyway, without any help from him. So if he burnt things with the firemen and the sun burnt Time, that meant that everything burnt! ” (Bradbury 53) This quote shows Montage muses about the mystical nature of fire and the charm it captures for people.

Montage turns Beauty’s philosophy against himself by turning the flamethrower on his boss, imposing death. In both the movie and the book we see that the main character stands up to what they believe is right. Molly and Montague go against the society they live in, thinking for themselves and doing what THEY want not what the society wants them to do, going against rules. However by going against the rules they show their bravery, because they weren’t aware of the consequences they have if they did it By Panasonic

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