Quote Integration Examples

I think this quotes relates to many lives in the world. People are so inclined to become rich and prosperous that in fact, doing so, they lose sight of what is important. In order to climb up the social ladder, you must sacrifice many things in your life. And intern, you have a chance, just a chance, to reach a very successful life. “l now wished for the last friend, death, to relieve me” (Quinoa 95). We all have our breaking points. Most people, once in their life, has wanted death to Just come over and take them. #2 Part of your own sentence: 1 . “The scent of sacred tobacco rising from the earth comes gloriously to his nostrils” (30) and makes him happy. But in school, it is proven that tobacco and other DRP Hey there! WOWS our app working for you? NEEDS WORK. GREAT! Humans an on y anima s, water, an a r. S e woo great mum tip e mess which loud be interpreted as the author thought that the world was a lot better, or great, before humans came and destroyed it. 2. “He didn’t like it” but he still went through with it. People in society are always pushed. The peer-pressure and all the struggles in life that can make anyone do what they think is wrong or bad. #4 Use an ellipsis: 1 . “The world… Was a balanced and orderly world” (29) until humans came and changed the whole pattern of the world. Changing the food chain, the environment, and the species that coexisted in the world.

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Until humans learn to coexist in this world with ever other species, there will ever be a balance. Instead, there will only be destruction and and never ending hunger for more. 2. ‘These… Beings rule the world and” will continue to exist as the two twins look over us. The being we call humans will continue to survive and fight. Even if the world begins to crumble, it is told in the story that the human race will continue because without humans, the twins would have nothing else exciting to rule. Quote Integration Examples By Felix-Lee

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