Publishing and Authors Tone Change

Tone and Mood In “The Sniper” tone and mood is used to create a startling factor, intense scenes, and visualization. One excellent example is the scene that he fakes his death. The way Lima O’ Flattery uses tone and mood makes the story on edge, startling, and suspenseful. Once the sniper finds his targets and looking’s though his scope it stirs intense feelings. Tone and mood is a crucial part to the story. This is a story of war and you can’t sound like a pansy telling it. It needs to be heart stopping and hardcore but, at the same time have parts that are subtle and calming.

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Lima O’ Flattery acquired this thought out the story by the proper use of tone and mood. Lima Flattery’s “The Sniper”. How does the authors tone change throughout the story? Be sure to copy the lines and cite the page number? 10 months ago Ads by Google Parent” Height Predictor How Tall Will Your Child Be? Use Parent” Height Prediction Quiz Parent’s. Com/ Historiographer ANSWERS 10 months ago The author will tend to use figurative writing to convey the mood and tone of what they are writing. They will use descriptive words and sentences. Thanks!

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