Product Services and Innovations

Individual assessment Assessment 3: Case & Topic Presentation (15%) Assessment 4: Exam (40%) The success of the pod and phone raises the licensing question for Apple .. Again” [Source: Chap 1, page 33] Marketing strategy analysis for an actual company. Phase A (10%) Phase B (20%) A case is a business scenario that gives you the opportunity to identify problems and recommend a course of action in a business situation.

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The case may be real or fictional, but will usually represent a complex situation with no ready solutions. Assessment 1 : Case study report (15%) Assessment 2: Strategy report (30%) Mark weight: 15 marks – 3 questions Word limit: 1200 words (В±5%) Submission: Week 4 Assessment 2 – Strategy report Analyzing the marketing strategy for a new product or service innovation of a company/brand.

Assessment 3: Presentations (1 5 marks) Concentration on analyzing the firm, project, product and market related factors that have contributed to a successful marketable new or innovative product or service Phase A (10 marks) due in week 7 Assessment 4: Final exam (40 marks) Team assessment (3 people per team) Mark weight: 30% Word limit: Between 3500 to 4000 words Two (2) group presentations in the tutorials by each group. Groups of two students The first presentation deals with analyzing the key findings of a case study allocated for the particular tutorial.

The second presentation involves making brief presentations on selected concept topics relevant to the tutorial chapters Based on all the chapters covered in the unit Need to attend the lectures Exam review will be held in week 12 Class Policies web REGULARLY review Web and your local intranet unit folders for content, announcements, updates Your local lecturer will email you updates when required Attending Lectures and Tutorials Assessment Feedback

Lecture topics will NOT be covered in tutorials Submission Moderation All assessments will be marked by your tutor lecturer and will be moderated by me Assessment marking rubrics will be used Any queries or appeals for any assessment marks will have to be in written (reasons clearly stated out) and submitted to the lecturer/tutor within 3 working days from the publication of results. VI policy. All submission through Turning and hardcopy. Flag issues before deadlines. Delayed submission penalty 10% per day after due date. Delays in excess of 4 days will NOT be accepted and will get a O mark Extensions may

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