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Food and Beverage Department iii. Strengths lb. Weakness v. Recommendation Ill. Conclusion ‘V. Photos of Sports Facilities V. Photos of Room Accommodation Introduction Royals Takeaway Country Club Inc. (“ARTIC” or the “Club”) is a corporation, membership organization and an exclusive country club located along Emilio Continual highway Buck Estate, Alfonse Cavity. It also a non-profit that at any time declare and pay dividends to its shareholders or members.

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It operates to give social, recreational, sports and athletic activities to its members, families and guests that comes into their club. ARTIC aims to provide world class amenities and sports facilities that can be offered to their valued members. ARTIC is Jointly owned and developed by 3 respected names real estate industry. First is the Sat. Lucia Realty and development Inc. Who has been in the real estate industry for 20 years and own over 60 projects which includes subdivisions, golf courses, resorts and shopping center.

The second is the Don Alfonse Realty and Development Corporation / Panicle Corporation which is the sister company of the Assayer Enterprises Inc. Which is in the industry for 20 years also and this project the ARTIC marks the entry of DARED/PC in the real estate industry. Last is the Land Golf Inc. S a professional group of property manager and consultant, they are also the golf course designer, project manager, property manager, sales and marketing manager of the ARTIC. ARTIC also owned a private beach front in orgy.

Layman Liana, Battings that has a fully furnished two-tiered open pavilion and multi-purpose hall, room accommodation cabanas, aqua sports and souvenir shop and these beach resorts is exclusive also for the members of Royals Takeaway Country Club. Articles members are composed of countries prominent businessmen that include the board of director and members of similar clubs, television and radio personalities, and high ranking government former and current officials, local government executives within the vicinity of Cavity and sports personalities.

Their vision is to seek opportunities to generate organized and aggressive solutions affirming their commitment to quality sports and recreational environment, sustainable growth, continuity and the pursuit of competitive spirit. They will consistently focus upon their collective interest, their social and community responsibilities and strike a sensitive balance between their personal and reflections fulfillment. Their mission is to provide a comprehensive, multi-specialist sports and recreational service with a heart.

They will aspire to enhance their financial viability, conceive a productive and flexible organization structure that can forge their optimism to become more responsive and they will ensure a highly trained and motivated staff to excel in the performance of their function to render quality service. Outstanding Characteristics Royals Takeaway Country Club Inc. Offers 19 rooms that could accommodate a whole family with complete amenities and facilities. The kinds of rooms that they have are the quadruple sharing, triple sharing, Junior suite which are all duplex room and last is the twin studio type room.

All rooms have a safe, wireless internet connection, cable TV, air-conditioning unit, telephone and hot/cold shower. Almost all rooms have a veranda where guest can relax and eat. In addition to its room accommodation they also have a 3-storey town houses unit that has 4 bedrooms, 4 toilet and bathroom with kitchen, dining room, receiving room and garage. ARTIC offers a great dining experience with their 2 food and beverage outlet which re the Alfonse dining and the Tenth Hole.

The Alfonse dining offers guest Filipino and International cuisines that all taste and look good in addition to the food it also has a good ambiance where in you can choose to seat in the veranda where you can have the view of their golf course or dine beside the pool and enjoy a fresh air that the trees around the dining area offers. They also offer an eat all you can buffet lunch during weekends and holiday season where in they serve different kinds of food with live piano music and serenades that would entertain the guest.

The Tenth Hole serves as the dining area and a place to relax of the golfers that plays every day and there is also a mini bar here where guest can order beer liquor. ARTIC can cater big and small functions like parties wedding receptions seminars etc. Using their grand ballroom which can be divided into 3 parts or it can be used as a whole that can accommodate more than 500 persons. Sports Facilities Tennis Court Badminton Court Swimming Pool Indoor Basketball Court Darts Bowling Golf Course Other Facilities Indoor/Outdoor Play ground Hydro Massage Bar Zone Lucia Bar Discussion of Finding/Analysis/Recommendation

Department: Housekeeping Housekeeping Department serves as one of the important department that in every establishment that offers service. It is responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of the establishment. This department can affect the impression of every guests that comes in the establishment even though it is said that this department has the less opportunity to be facing a guest because whenever a guest needs some amenities this department provides it for them and if it fail to attend to the needs of the guests it might give a bad impression to the whole establishment.

Housekeeping Organizational Chart Housekeeping Head / Supervisor Duties and responsibilities Manage the daily operations and implement the SOP for cleaning Upgrade, evaluate, train, check the staff performance to the team leader the daily, weekly, monthly area cleaning. Monitor the quality and time of work Check and approve appropriate chemical use in housekeeping department for effective yet cost saving system Must know how to operate machine equipment use in housekeeping Coordinate with other department for better flow of operations Must also be hands-on in the technique of cleaning

Responsible for overall supervision of the housekeeping department Team Leader Follow and implement the assigned task and pass over to each cleaners Report to the housekeeping head/supervisor the task report Must have hands-on skills/technique in cleaning and knows how to operate machine and equipment Basic knowledge in the chemicals Always implement SOP Cleaners Must follow SOP Actively do the required task and follow the schedule Must know all the assigned areas and practically do the Job according to the SOP Follow assigned task and operate with other staff

SOP in Cleaning Lobby, Dining and Crystallizing and Polishing the Marble Floor Procedure Sweep the floor including the underneath portion of the furniture’s and fixtures Make sure the floor is clean, if necessary follow the strapping procedure before applying crystallization procedure Use wax crystallizes (Terracotta) Weekly -apply/spray chemical evenly on the floor -use floor scrubber horizontally then vertically.

Always starts with the heavy traffic area -make sure there are no scratches or lone marks -repeat procedure until floor is glossy and shiny Use powder crystallizes (Flash Clear) monthly dilute chemical in a pail of water and then pour on the floor -use floor scrubber horizontally then vertically and starts with the heavy traffic area -repeat procedures until floor is glossy and shiny -put crystal glaze in a sprayer the spray mist on the floor -use floor scrubber buff at low speed Equipment’s Soft Broom Dust pan Mop & Squeezer Brush oil sponge Wiper & applicator Plastic bucket Dry cloth Garbage bag Vacuum Caution signs Manpower-scheduling Housekeeping department has two shifting, a morning shift that starts from 6 am until 3 pm and an afternoon shift that starts from 12 noon until 9 pm. This shifts change when there is guest check-in there will be one of the employee that will take over the graveyard shift in order to attend to the guests needs. Department: Food and Beverage In ARTIC the Food and Beverage is headed by the F manager who look over the whole operation of the dining area then next in command is the captain waiters and then the Junior captain waiter and the last will be the waiters and the waitresses. This department is the one responsible in serving food and beverages to guest and give guests satisfaction.

The F department is one of the departments that always deals and have a erect contact with every guest that comes every day and they make a lot of impact to the impressions that the guest may have about the establishment. They need to impress the guest every time they will dine for them to still come back in the establishment. Their duties are to make sure that every guest that eats are satisfied with the food and the quality of service. They need to ensure the food is safe and there will be no food contamination and the sanitation of all the dining wares that would be used. Food and Beverage department has two shifting, a morning shift that starts from 6 m until 3 pm and an afternoon shift that starts from 12 noon until 9 pm this shifting applies only during weekdays that has fewer guests that come.

During weekends and holidays the afternoon will change it shift to 1 pm until 10 pm or until there are no more guests. Communication style The way departments in Royals Takeaway communicate with each other is through the use of telephone whenever there are problems or there are things needed by the guest they use the telephone to call the attention of the concerned department. Beside each telephone in each department has a list of numbers of every apartment that’s why Jot’s can be asked to call in any department. Work atmosphere & Interpersonal Relationship The work atmosphere in Royals Takeaway is a very refreshing because of its fresher air.

Employees always maintain a good personal relationship with each other during working hours and even outside the establishment. All of the departments have team work and cooperation in order for them to work effectively and satisfy every guests needs. Sanitation Procedure Royals Takeaway being an environment friendly properly and regularly disposes all their garbage and schedule fumigation and pest control in order to maintain illnesses and avoid contamination in the club. Strengths ARTIC strengths are their facilities that they have, the food that they serve and the attitudes of all the employees that are very welcoming and being hospitable to every guest that they have.

Weakness ARTIC weakness is they only have a few employees that in times when there are a lot of checked-in guest and there are a lot of guest who dine they are having a difficult times and it became really exhausting that the quality of their service goes down in order for them to cope up to the increasing number of guest. Recommendation The ARTIC should somehow put additional employees that can contribute to their establishment in order for them to standardize the quality of service that they offer. They should maintain and improve all their facilities. Conclusion After the 1 h months of stay in ARTIC has taught me a lot of lessons. I gain a lot of experience and I was given a chance to deal with different kinds of people. This helps me to apply every theories and lessons that was taught in school and apply it in real life situation.

ARTIC gave us this opportunity to experience everything and let us work s a regular employee not as an on-the Job trainee. This practicum training has fulfilled it objective to give us students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and gain more knowledge and experience that we can use in our future after we have graduated. This practicum training also taught me to have a great sense of responsibility and to always stay on focus on every work that was given to me in order for me not to make mistake that can affect everyone. This also improves the skills of every students that undergo this practicum training. Pictures of Artistic Sports Facilities

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