Positive material indentification procedure

Equipment Manufacturer : The company responsible for the plant or shop manufacturing of pressured equipment that is within the scope of this standard. Fabricator : The company, organization, or agency responsible for the shop or field fabrication or assembly of piping and pressured equipment within the scope of this standard. Material Specifications : SAME section II, P A, B Ana c, or ten relevant specification. PATH : Post-Weld Heat Treatment PM : Positive Material Identification. AS IM, or any o teen material Verification that the nominal chemical composition of an alloy material is as specified and ordered.

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BOOK” ” Jodhpurs” ” Goosebumps” ” Dip/-“Mum/f 4 The term applies to programs, processes, procedures, and tests in accordance with this standard. PM Testing : Any physical evaluation or test of a material, meeting the requirements of the standard, to confirm that the material which has been or will be placed into service is consistent with the selected or specified alloy material. Non-pressure Components : Items that are not part of the pressure containing envelope, and do not affect the pressure retaining capacity of pressured components.

Pressure-retaining Components : Components acting as pressure envelope or boundary; breach of this envelope or Downward would lead to loss AT concealment Ana Lagrange AT process Tools. Examples include, but not limited to, product forms used for the fabrication of pressured piping and equipment such as shells, heads, tubeless, nozzles, tubes, flange bolting, gaskets, forging, flanges, individual pipe lengths and fittings ( tees, elbows, reducers, and special pipe components), valves bodies and bonnets, erasure-retaining welds, weld overlays/cladding, expansion Joints and bellows. . Personnel Qualification 4. 1 The technician who carries out PM test shall have the knowledge about all aspects of operation of PM test equipment and PM test method, and shall have sufficient technique and experience concerning an alloy analyzer. 4. 2 Personnel shall be trained, tested, and certified to: Safely use the PM analyzers

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