Oh how I love pickles, they are delicious and Juicy and fun. When people ask me how I feel, when I don’t have a pickle, they look at me and ask me if I have done something with them. I don’t like people who think that pickles are no fun, but even still I have to ‘dill’ with all the people who think that pickles are gross. Other people think that pickles are yummy, they are my favorite people because when I eat pickles, I get happy because they are delicious. Yum yum Yum. 2 pickles in my Tums Tums. Fun fun Fun, pickles are like my sun. Without them I would die. This is really old now. IM tired of trying to win.

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I have a million people waiting for me to try and fit in. I do not care though, because I AM COOL. And no matter what they say, I will always love swimming in a pool. Pool Pool Pool, can be used in a few ways, like I am going to play pool or swimming was lots of fun. I am supposed to be writing an essay for my English class. Right now id rather fail and go to sleep cue it is 12. I want to go to sleep. People are bugging me and I want this day to end. CHOUGH this essay needs to be longer so I apologize for this mess. Please ignore the rest of my ‘work’ for it will not be good. Chough. Sally sells seashells by the sea shore.

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I'm Samanta

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