Philosophy quiz bee

The quiz bee started at exactly game, and the host, one of the professors first introduced all the competing contestants and there are 8 of them who Joined. They were all seated at the stage and the quiz bee has begun. The first component of the quiz bee was the Comic Strip part; they were given 2 comic strips and they were given 2 minutes to think of what can be the possible irony of it. The first comic strip was from Garfield and it goes like this; “dieting is easy when you set your mind to it. I no longer crave food. It’s the calories I crave. ” Garfield said. After 2 minutes, all their papers were given to the Judge; Mr…

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Maillot, a theology professor. But their answers were read aloud by Ms. Myra Rexes for the sake of the audience. In my opinion, the participators answers were different from each other but all their answers make sense as well. The second comic strip was from Calvin and Hobbes and it goes like this; “Well summer is almost over. It sure went quick didn’t it? ” MIPS” “There’s never enough time to do all the nothing that you want. ” And again, their answers were even to the Judge and read my Ms. Myra. The second component of the quiz bee was the Anecdote, they were given 3 minutes to think and answer in this part.

They were given 2 examples of anecdotes and they should answer one sentence this way; and yet . ” After that, the third component was the Situation part. They were given situations and they should give an irony about it. They were asked to answer it for 2 minutes and it should be this way, “In this situation, . ” The first situation is this; “What is ironical about planting a seed? ” I remember hat the possible answer for this is that, in this situation, planting seeds could take a little patience and yet when it grows as big as a tree, it could be a benefit for everyone.

Which I totally agree with in a way that planting a seed can be sometimes dreary for it takes more than a year or more to have a fully grown tree but in the end, it will be someday, a fully grown tree that can be an advantage to our lives. The second situation is that “What is ironical about the pork barrel case? ” I think the possible answer for this is that, “In this situation, there are lots of unfortunate people ho need the money and yet it’s the wealthy ones who are spending it. This is my favorite question of all the questions that were given in the whole competition because it really makes sense in a way that there are lots of deprived people in this country who barely needs the pork barrel fund but it Just ends up in the pockets of the government and/or politicians, where we cannot do anything for they have all the power they need and want. And I for one am against it because I know there are people out there who need it the most than the government.

The third situation goes hat “In this situation, being a bully is somewhat bad and yet it can be a way for the bullies to be closer to the ones they’re bullying. ” The fourth and last component of the quiz bee was the Parable part. They were given 2 or 3 examples of parables and were asked to write a one sentence irony about it. It should be answered within 2 minutes I think and they should answer it this way, ” . ” For me, this was the hard part of the competition because in my opinion, reading a parable with that kind of ambiance, which is too noisy, can make me hard to understand.

But that isn’t end the competition yet, they first announced the top 4 and the host immediately followed his words that there are 2 who got a tie for the first place and I’m very glad to say that our representative is one of them, the other one was contestant #7, Ma. Carbon Aquinas. So they were given a tie up questions which are parables. The first parable was answered by the both of them but the second I think gave the both of them a hard time giving an irony about it maybe because they got bored or maybe because they can’t think anymore because of tenseness.

But at the end, Mr… Maillot has decided who will be the winner and I am proudly to say that our class representative has won the quiz bee. She was given a medal but also, all the other contestants were given certificates as well as a token of effort. At the end of the competition then I realized that in every contest we Join, we will always be proclaimed as winners. There are no losers even before and after the competition starts because everyone did their best and gave too much effort for every game they’ll Join in.

Also, even if we don’t win, there should be no hard feelings instead Just e happy of who will ever win the game for it is the right thing to do. All in all, I am pleased that I attended the Philosophy quiz bee for the reason that I learned a lot of things about it especially thinking ironically in every way possible. Also, having our class representative Join and win at the same time is something the class could be proud of. But in fact the main lesson of this quiz bee is that; “In Joining the competition, there are no right and wrong answers, answers always depends on how a person will comprehend it and how a person will think. ”

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