Philosophy of Leadership

Williams Leadership is not only in a school setting but other professions requiring one or two people to direct others in a beneficial path. Pursuing a degree in administration forced me to reflect on the characteristics I see best fit when leading staff in the correct direction. Leaders are not born overnight, but take time to grow and perfect. Leaders not only are driven to benefit themselves, but also have a force behind them for the benefit of the entire school.

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My philosophy of leadership is Just that, to be a deader. I will be held accountable for the issues that arise in my school building. As the leader, I need to be able to drive my staff and students in the direction where success and sense of accomplishment is in reach. Each staff members, student, and parents needs to be on board and focus on the outcome. When leading a large group of staff members, a leader must rely on trust, consistency, and honesty to gain respect of the staff. The staff members must gain my trust and follow behind my vision for the school.

I will strive to keep my word and follow through with actions eased on situations. The school needs to be able to rely and trust their leader to make decisions ultimately enhancing the school atmosphere. I envision a school atmosphere thriving from the mutual respect between staff and administration as well as staff and students. I believe I must motivate my staff members to put forth their best effort and strategies to engage and teach students the required skills and background knowledge. An entire school building cannot run smoothly without the trust and support of the leaders.

Consistency is another characteristics aiding in the placement of a high-quality leader. Each member of the staff brings something to the table and should not feel in any way they are disposable. As a leader, if there is a situation requiring repercussions, staff needs to be made aware of what will follow. I will strive to implement this idea across the board, and not letting staff slide. Each member of the staff should be held to the same standard in regards to instruction, the safety and security of the students, as well as their professional duties.

As a leader, I believe I need to show demonstrate consistency not only with the teachers UT also with the students. The students will be aware of the fine line drawn between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and will know the consequences. Implementing consistency among the students will eventually illustrate the idea that each student will receive appropriate repercussions for their inappropriate actions. With colleagues will be a tough task to overcome, it will need to be done. Teachers thrive from effective feedback, which can be used to enhance or modify lessons. The leader will provide this feedback.

Being honest will only improve teachers’ styles and abilities, as their students can further learn. Using honesty with staff members will not always directly result in a positive change, but the change will come. Staff members will look to the leader in times of need as well as in times of strength. The leader must use honesty with the most fidelity and strive to have an open door policy in which the teachers’ can be brutally honest with the leader. The age-old saying of’ honesty is the best policy can truly be used in a school setting. Becoming a leader is no easy task.

There will be many occasions in which I will probably want to nag up the towel and give in. I believe this philosophy of leadership is one I can strive to execute on a daily basis and use in major time of need. The leadership philosophy is one, which is not necessarily set in stone and can be adapted when needed for different education settings. A successful leader must not only lead, but also must believe in themselves and guide others in a direction valuable to the school and students. Based on the philosophy of leadership, I believe I complied words to live by and to use on a daily basis as a leader.

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