Personality traits

Suppose you give all candidates applying for a management trainee position a personality test that measures the five dimensions in the five-factor model. Which personality trait would you consider to be the most important for this type of Job? Explain your answer The personality trait that I would consider to be the most important for this type of Job is openness to experience because when a person is open to learning new things their minds are willing to accept and reject any ideas hey feel a threat or unnecessary.

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This reflects the degree of intellectual curiosity and enables them to be more imaginative and independent. Being open allows the candidate to be more creative with the way they progress in life and this quality leads many into a successful path. When a person is open to learning new things they are sensitive and can grasp information coming in their direction. Being able to try new things makes them curious at first but could really turn that into a fine piece f art.

What I mean by that is being curious Just shows that they are dedicated to learning something new and once they develop the knowledge they are able to expand on other areas. People that are open to experience new things are quick to understand them well and this enables them to be full of ideas. Making it a perfect approach for a business. Based on my experience, I am an enthusiastic fellow within my workplace and my boss see’s potential in me.

He wants me working part-time for IM even though he knows I am a full-time student and not only that, he chose me to make a website for his company. In the beginning I was very curious and sensitive with everything around me, and it was the moment where I brought forth many ideas and expressed my emotions in my art of work that he allowed me such opportunity. I like to experience new things and express myself with valuable ideas in my surrounding. Therefore, openness to experience would be the most important personality trait for this type of Job.

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