Personal Statement

I finally received the opportunity to work in the Human Services field with a wonderful organization called Connecticut Junior Republic. Being a youth counselor there has taught me the importance of helping adolescents to develop plans that directly address their needs and they can directly relate to. I am responsible for encouraging positive youth development and to instill healthy habits that will last well beyond adolescence.

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For this reason I have been inspired to continue my education and become a social worker that deals with clinical counseling within organizational settings. I am now looking forward to pushing myself to experience higher level courses in order to get a high quality education and continue helping young people and their families find a quality and healthy lifestyle. This program will be beneficial to my education and career because I am also employed in an urban environment. I want to be a part of your Casework program because I have come to realize that my suasion lies in helping people who are less advantaged.

Finally, a degree in Casework will equip and prepare me to become an advocate, counselor, risk assessor and work on care plans at professional level. Currently what I can do is limited to following care plans which are already in place and it is my desire to be involved at a more professional level, making decisions that can change someone’s life for the better. Helping people overcome obstacles and difficulties and making the most of themselves is a very rewarding yet challenging career that I know I will continue to enjoy.

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