Perception and Societal Factors

Perception and Societal Factors In order to illustrate societal factors that influence individual perception, Vive chosen episode three of the British TV series “Endeavourer 1 . ” This crime drama series, set in 19652, follows a Detective Constable, Endeavourer Morse, as he solves the weekly murder mystery. This episode centers on a homicide investigation; the victim of which is found in a storeroom of a missile factory about to be visited by a member of the royal family.

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I chose this particular episode because it provides a glance at British society (from royalty to factory worker) as well as a snapshot of inequality in the workplace and of course, the “town and gowns” rift found in areas surrounding lauded academia. The Role of Power One of the key elements in solving the murder mystery was due to the expected behavior of the commoner when presented to a member of the royal family.

The presence of a factory supervisor in shirt sleeves while in the reception line was so out of place that it called Morsel’s attention though it was only a fleeting glimpse of the supervisor. Another instance was presented when the Chief Superintendent, who until now had always been the top rung in police hierarchy, was suddenly seen as just another rung in a very long ladder when “division” warns of repercussions if the investigation side rails an ongoing missile sale too foreign country.

The Role of Culture A secondary plotting illustrates cultural influence on perceptions. The series is set in Oxford where Morsel’s fellow detectives (non-oxford graduates) immediately shun his academic background (he attended Oxford before Joining the police force) and constantly pull rank on him by assigning tasks usually passed on to uniform officers. DC Morse is mocked as an eccentric egghead when he pursues “out-of-the-box” leads regardless of the investigative results of such leads. Even the Chief Superintendent seems a bit intimidated by the way he connects the dots.

The Role of Social Comparison This rift between the academic community and the non-academic townsfolk also illustrates how social comparison influences perceptions. Morse is expected to be a bumbling inexperienced law enforcement officer (the stereotypical ivy-leaguer) but his intuitiveness proves him equal to the task at hand; sometimes even surpassing he abilities of those in the force that outrank him. In this episode, Morsel’s ex- schoolmate is perceived as the gold-digging tart pursuing the boss because she’s young and pretty.

But, her attentiveness and loyalty belies this characterization by the boss’s wife and indicates that it is she that is applying the stereotype. The Role of Historical Time Period One of the most noteworthy sign of the times was the sexual harassment of the tea lady by the male factory workers. At a time when women’s place was still perceived as that of a homemaker rather than a member of the workforce, men’s attitudes towards women in the workplace were usually derisive and demeaning.

Social Roles The social role of the mother was also addressed in this episode. The factory is owned Ana manage Day a very Antenatal extort Tamely . I en Dora AT alerts Is comprised of the two sons, the one daughter, and the mother with father as head of the board. All expect the father to handle the impending missile sale and subsequently pass the torch to one of the sons. However, not only is the torch passed to the daughter but it is the mother’s say-so which decides the move.

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