Intelligent- Peacocks are highly intelligent creatures. They have various behavior techniques and mating specifications that show how they are exceptional birds. Female peacocks carefully choose their mate according to size, color, and quality of their colorful feathers. Likewise, my peers say that I am an intelligent individual because of my grasp on learning, hard work, and dedication. I have a good memory and once I learn something, I learn how to apply it. Furthermore, I choose my “mate” based on certain qualities as well. Confident- The colorful tail of feathers is fanned out in order to show dominance and o attract a mate.

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Peacocks are known to be “proud” birds. I am a very confident individual; I take pride in my actions and in myself without being ashamed. I am not afraid of how I look. I never doubt myself and I stand tall among my peers because I am not afraid of anything or anyone. Colorful- Known for its colorful features, the peacock is known to be a very beautiful bird. From black to blue to green to yellow, peacocks have a myriad of colors that make them unique from all other birds. Their soulfulness attracts the attention of a prospective mate. Similarly, I find myself to be a very unique individual that stands UT among my peers.

I also believe that I have a colorful personality. Sociable/Dependent- Peacocks are very sociable animals; they Join together to form a group called a “party’. They tend to travel, hunt, and mate together and require companionship. Likewise, I am a very sociable person. I like interacting with others and making new friends. However, I tend to stick to a certain group of friends that I always hang out with. I am very dependent upon my family and my friends as well. Origin- The peacock is a native bird to India; it is also considered as the national bird of Indian. L, coincidentally, am of Indian descent.

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