Old Testament notes

The word “canon” comes from both the Hebrew and Greek, meaning whole; a measuring standard for faith for faith and practice. 2. Which council helped decide the canon of the Old Testament? A. Jerusalem; B. Jamaican; C. Judea; D. Kappa 3-5. The Hebrew Bible divides the books into what three groups? 3. Torah 4. Prophets 5. Writing 6. Most of the Old Testament was originally written in A.

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Latin; B. Greek; C. Hebrew; D. Airmail. 7. Which view of inspiration do your authors believe? Why? 8. Which group of individuals helped preserve the Old Testament? A. Majorettes; B. Phoenicians; C. Babylonians; D. Greeks 9. The Separating (LAX) was originally written in the language. A. Latin; B. Airmail; C. Hebrew; D. Greek 10. The Kumara community preserved their writings in clay pots. In the 20th century, they were discovered and given the title Dead Sea Scrolls. 11-15: From Bribes: 1.

Who coined the phrase, “Fertile Crescent? ” James Breasted 12. What was a “land bridge” that linked two great cultural centers? Palestine 13-14. What were the two great cultural centers it linked? Egypt & Mesopotamia 15. The most important highway system in the biblical land is called The Nile. Bonus: One of the best ways to interpret the Bible is through the Grammatical- Historical method. (See Arnold/Buyer)Old Testament Survey 4. Prophets Historical method. (See Arnold/Buyer)

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