Notes on theories

Transactional Analysis (TA): the analyst of a client to other people Eric Bern was initially trained as a psychologist. Says that we all play a part and all follow a script. Says we have thee choices follow the script of your life/play the part, don’t follow the script/don’t plan the part, or rewrite the script/change what you don’t like about yourself. Says people collect feeling like they collect stamps. Stamp collecting: collect feelings/experiencing the same feelings -red stamps is anger -blue stamp is sad -gold stamp is denying enjoyment; feels that Joy or enjoyment has to be earned

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PACE= Parent, Adult, Child Ego States -parent ego stats houses authority rules -adult ego state is gathering information -child ego state deals with feelings Stroke: is a unit of attention old Ego Super ego Transactions: communication between two people Parallel transactions vs…. Crossed Transaction Crossed transaction Jacques Shift Repainting Thomas Harris Games: is a transaction that occurs on two levels, it follows a predictable pattern and has a payoff Structuring time (1-4 are impersonal) -levels of transaction/structuring time -1 . Withdrawals (not communicating) -2. Rituals -3. Pastimes -4. Activities -5. Mess: is transition that occurs on two levels, it follows a predictable pattern and has a payoff/winner and loser. -6. Intimacy: a dormant communication that is personal and honest. All intimacy involves risk M. James & D. Jongleurs: would say people are born to win and learn to lose. Wicked also say that the therapeutic process is about getting back to their natural state of winning. Scripting: the part you play in life/ -family script -cultural script -individual script 4 life positions (a person’s position and how they see others) -1 . K (blamer) -2. I’m Not K; you’re K -3. I’m Not k; You’re Not K 4.

I’m K; you’re K CEDED 677 Carl Rogers – born 19 -upper middle class family, Christian -history degree -married with 2 kids -attended seminary -earned PhD in educational psychology -1940 was influenced by Freud Carl Rogers methodology -1. Unconditional positive regard I’m K, You’re Not -2. Active listening (listening to theme/strands, emotion, words/phrasing, content, non-verbal, now present myself) – 3. Reenacted -4. Clarification (done by client of counselor) -5. Summarization -6. Open ended statements Conditions for Person-centered Counseling -1. Two persons in psychological contact -2. Intent in a state of incongruence -3. A therapist is congruent and involved in the process -4. Unconditional positive regard

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