Notes of business mathematics

Mr.. Shave Sings Kansas 1 . The product of 2 numbers is 60 and their arithmetic mean in 8, find the numbers. 2. The monthly salary of a persona was RSI. 320 for each of the first three years. He next got annul increment of RSI. 40 per month for each of the following successive 12 years. His salary remained stationary till retirement when he found that his average monthly salary during the service period was RSI. 698. Find the period of his service. 3. Divide 36 into 6 parts in A. P such that the sum of their squares in RSI. 286. 4. A man saved RSI. 20,000 in 16 years. In each year after the first he saved RSI. 0 move that he did in the preceding year. How much did he save in the next year? 5. The some of three numbers in G. P in 70. If the extremes be multiplied each by 4 and the mean by 5 the products are in A. P find the numbers. 6. Three numbers whose sum is 18 are in A. P if 2, 1 are added to then respectively the resulting numbers are in G. P determine the numbers. Solve the equations. 7. 8. EX.-XX+100=o for example 9. XX-xx=1 11 . XX+2=12-XX 12. A fathers age is four times that of his son before 8 years the fathers age was sixteen times that of the son. Find father’s age. 13.

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A positive number is such that two third of it’s square equal 7 times the number. Find the number. 14. The sum of a denominator and numerator a fraction is 12. The fraction becomes equal to if 1 is subtracted from both denominator and numerator. Find the fraction? 15. Total price of 16 Keg. Wheat and 6 Keg. Rice is Rig the total price of 24 Keg. Rice is RSI. 52. 50 find the rate per Keg. Of wheat and rice. 16. A man sells 7 horses and 8 course at RSI. 2940 and 5 horses and scows at RSI. 21 50 what is the selling price of each? 7. There are only fifty paisa and twenty five paisa coins in a box.

If the no. Of coins is 21 and their value is RSI. 6. Find the no. Of each type of coins matrix. 18. A manufacturer three terms P, Q & R and sells them is two markets I & II annual sales are given below. 2000 3000 the total revenue of each market using matrix. 19. Find A-I 20. Let A 21. Let A 22. A sales man has the following record of sales during three weeks for the three items X,Y & Z which have different rate of commission. Weeks Unit sold Total Commission x z 2 3 50 20 10 270 450 260 23. One unit of commodity A is produced by combining 1 unit of land, 2 units of labor and 5 units of capital.

One unit of B is produced by 2 unit of lard, 3 units of labor and 1 unit of capital, one unit of C is produced by 3 units of land, 1 unit of labor and 2 units of capital. If the price of & C are RSI. 27, RSI. 16 &Rs. 19 respectively find the rent R, wage W,7 rate of interest. Percentage 24. A businessman donated 3% of his income and spends 90% of his income on his family if a balance RSI. 1750 is with him find out his income. 25. A man has certain sum of money. He gang 20% of it to his eldest son 30% of the remaining to his youngest son and 10% of remaining term poor boys in a school.

Still he has RSI. 100 and 50 paisa with him. Find the total sum? 26. A person saves 3/5 of what he spends from his income. Find out how much percentage of income does he saves. 27. When sales tax increased from 2% to 4 h%. A customer paid RSI. 63. 72 more then that of previous purchase. What is the cost price of that material? 28. There are 10 seats in a bus. In how many ways can four passengers acquire the 10 seats. 29. Find the value of r if pr =42. 0. A student decides to spare half an hour for each subject. If he has to study five present worth and true discount on a bill of RSI. 38 due 2 years hence at 4% compound interest compounded annually. 32. A farmer borrowed RSI. 4800 for his son’s marriage and repaid the can after 3 years. If simple intent at the rate of 6 was charged. What additional amount had he to pay. 33. Purport borrowed RSI. 8000 10 years at compound interest and the rate of interest were 3% P. A for the first 3 years. 5% for the next four years and 6% for the rest 3 years. Calculate compound interest. 4. In what time a sum of money doubles it at 7 h% compound interest per annum? 35. A loan of RSI. 1000 is to be paid in 5 equal installments interest being at 6% per annum.

Compounded annually and first payment being made after a year. What will be the interest per year? Verify your result also. Find DAY/DXL 37. Y 38. (213-21) 39. Y=xx (213+1) 40. Y�+, then show that 41 . XX+Y = sax 42. 43. 44. If x•rexes-y Phone that 45. Y 46. In a certain examination 75% pars is group A &82% in group B and 15% fail in both the groups. Find out what percent are pass is examination. 47. A survey reports that 80% of the populations read magazine M. And 55% are males find the least possible percentage of males reading M and females reading M. 48.

Define a set and give examples to illustrate the difference between collections a set. What are different ways to specify a set. Give examples. 49. Define relation on a set. What do you mean by the domain and range of a relation give examples. 50. Define reflexive, symmetric and transitive relation. Give example of each. 51 . A market research team interviews 160 students asking each of them whether are reads any or all of the gained: A, India today; B, business India; c, today. The team returns the following data. Category Number Category c AC BBC Are the returns consistent?

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