My Vacation

My Dream Vacation Arranging a trip is not always as simple as it sounds, especially when the trip is over 2,300 miles and has over six hours of total flight time. One needs to organize these types of trips well in advance to have an easy and enjoyable Journey. Started planning for my Californian dream vacation by researching my final destination, Los Angels. I researched its main tourists’ attractions like Disneyland, Universal Studios, City Walk and the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

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I found schedules and locations for these tourists’ attractions and for where we could buy their tickets. I also checked for restaurants where we could eat and the routes we could take to get to these destinations after we rented our car at LAX. After all of my research was completed, I calculated the time we would spend in all of the places and locations we would be visiting. I also made a list of all of the addresses of these sites and I made another list with what we should take in our suitcases, for my husband and me to wear, to take in the plane with us and for the five days of our trip.

I estimated the following expenses for the two of us, for the five days of the trip. Expense Cost Comments Plane tickets for two $1200 Greenville, Atlanta, L. A. Round trip Car rental $500 Weekly rental with car insurance Tickets to all attractions $400 Universal and Disneyland Hotels $1000 $250 daily Meals $50 a day per person Extra expenses like: souvenirs, gas, tolls, etc. Larger expenses: gas and souvenirs Total for 5 days $ 4,000 We are estimating we will be spending close to $4,000 on this trip. Most of this other big expenses will come from the car rental, the tickets to the attractions and room our meals.

Luckily, we have been planning for this trip for a while now and we have been saving religiously so as not to go into any debt once we are done with the I am so excited about visiting Los Angels as this will be my first time in the trip. West Coast. Along with two days of travel, we are expecting to spend, the first day of the remaining three days, visiting Hollywood, Downtown LA, Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. On the second day, we will visit Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Assuming we have any strength left, on the final day, we are planning on visiting the Disneyland ND Universal Studios.

We will be doing most, if not all of our sightseeing during the day as it is the safer time to visit a large city like LA. We have heard that a few of its neighborhoods can be dangerous if you visit them after sunset. Now, with my trip organized well ahead of time, I can wait for the day we arrive in Los Angels and finally, enjoy my Californian dream vacation. Works Cited http://Disneyland. Disney. Go. Com/. (n. D. ). Http://www. Altruist. Com/. (n. D. ). Http://www. universalstudioshollywood. Com/. (n. D. ).

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