My Perfect Wife

My wife Kathy is not the perfect wife, but she is “my perfect wife”. “Ah, how cute” you are thinking. “He is such a sweet husband to say that. ” I don’t think you understand. I do not mean that as something nice and cute to say about my wife. It is not meant to be hyperbole, but a statement of fact. How can someone be perfect? It is impossible of course unless God is involved. He can take an imperfect woman and make her my perfect wife. Kathy still makes wrong decisions at times.

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She does not love me in ways I want every single moment of the day. She doesn’t peel my grapes as fast as I would like. She is not the perfect wife UT she is the greatest gift, outside of Jesus Christ Himself, that God has given me; my perfect wife. My number one desire in life is to be like Jesus. Everything else is secondary. Kathy was given to me to help me become the man of God which I was designed to be. Everything about her helps me to grow spiritually.

All of her positive, Godly traits; as well as her negative,ungodly traits. Kathy is a great cook. If you come to our house for dinner you would find a home cooked meal from scratch. Many of the ingredients could be freshly picked from our garden. It taste heavenly and there is always more then enough. We do not eat frozen dinners in our house. The microwave is only used to warm up leftovers. Even popcorn is cooked on the stove in a sauce pan and real butter is poured on top. She is such a great cook that I am now on a diet.

I have lost almost 20 lbs and hope to lose another 20. I am learning about self control from my wife. Thankfully she helps and doesn’t cook as much or as fattening foods as she SE to. Still great food which I could stuff myself so full of I would look like a candidate for “The Losers” TV reality show. Her good traits help me learn godly traits. I won’t speak of anything bad she does very few to mention anyway•ay) but let me Just say she is not perfect. Those negative traits are wonderful for me.

God gave her to me, negative traits and all, because everything about her helps me to grow. God works miracles in my life using Kitty’s flaws. I could get frustrated and mad at her but God uses all that to make me more like Him. Yesterday was Kathy birthday which caused me to think about her and thank God for her. She is perfect for me. I would never want to marry anyone else. I wouldn’t even want her as my wife without her imperfections. It is her, as she is, that makes her my perfect wife. My Perfect Wife By David-Washburn

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