My oedipus complex

The man in the paragraph is portrayed to be a man with a rather strong build, suggested through the solidness of his ‘puffed Jaw. He is described to be standing in such a way showing no emotion or care, suggesting it is merely an emotionless glare at the camera, as his chain on his wrist somewhat strangles his large arms. 2. ‘solid as a turnip’ this suggests that he is very masculine and strong. ‘girds him like a hoop’ suggesting that it is really tight amongst his arms- supporting the idea of him being strong and masculine. 3.

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Whose look is two parts scorn’ portrays that he does not care, suggesting that he has a blank expression on his face. ‘Two parts dead man’ foreshadows the oldness of the photograph and how the uncle is now dead. 4. His father has now come to pass, so it is time to remove his father’s memories from the wall and replace them with his own memories of his father. 5. ‘As if a bandage had been ripped from skin, empty plaque to a house’s rise and fall’. The simile of a bandage being ripped from skin is used to describe the patch in which has been left behind the photo frame which has Just been taken down from the wall in his should.

The metaphor of ‘a house’s rise and fall’ suggests a new loss in which has overcome the family, forming need for a reflection of the memories of that person- replacing the old memories they had with their family members. 6. A change in family circumstances is portrayed throughout the suggesting of a new Job/career being picked up in the family rather than following what other family members tended to do. This can be seen in the quote ‘Long fixed in sepia tints, begins to fade’. This quotation suggests that the continuity of the family tradition of being a trade rocker has come to an end. 7.

The uncle’s Job was a farmer, linking to the family in which the poet is a part of, as they grew up as kids working on farms and herding cattle. This is suggested to be the cause of their father, as he grew up with the same trade as his uncle- being taught from his uncle and handing it down into his next generation of family. 8. ‘Hackled and herded’, included in line 2 of stanza 4 works as a linkage, as it forms a continuous beat and rhythm throughout the line, making it much easier to read and somewhat making the sentence a whole rather than having separate sections of sentences on the same line. . ‘Curtly smack draws the sentence on line 23 to an end, by concluding it in such a way that it ironically creates the feeling of hearing a brisk smack, automatically cutting the sentence short and ending the line abruptly. 10. A fair is a place in which farmers could communicate about the trade and selling of their cattle, earning money both ways and obtaining new cattle. However, auction rings were Just a place where people sat and bid on cattle as they came to show, an individual task, which does not involve any communication.

This affected the family in such a way to send them broke, as they now have no ideal way of making a quick income, as the cattle for sale at auction rings were not theirs and will not go for the sought price. 11. – 12. ‘No room for dealers if farmers shopped like housewives at an auction ring’- This quote of a simile presents a critical tone about farmers, portraying an idea of them This also presents the cheapness of an auction ring as compared to a dealers price, as the farmers are now able to spend money on large numbers of things in relation to the farming industry- ‘Shopped like housewives’. . The photo frame of his dad will be transferred to the attic next. This can be predicted as the photo of his uncle was put in the attic upon his fathers decease, so we can forecast that the photo frame of his father will be removed and replaced with a photo of the poet when it comes time of his passing. 14. The variable syllabic counts assist in the portrayal of this poem as is presents the most crucial points of the poem in short sentences with less syllables to draw attention to that one point by presenting it by itself- ‘Take your uncle’s portrait to the attic’.

Lines with greater syllables however are used to continue the flow of the poem and are some what used to conjoin points in which the poet is portraying- Who handled rumps, groped teats, stood, paused and then’. 15. – 16. The persona in which this poem is portrayed throughout links himself to the persona in ‘Digging throughout the explanation of Jobs in which were handed down throughout the generations of his family. Not only the fact that there is a continues occupation handed down, but also the fact that the occupation in which is undertaken has some sort of relation to the ‘outside’, being farming.

Also, the fact hat this persona has decided to obtain a different pathway in occupation also relates to the persona in ‘Digging, who has chosen to be a writer instead of a farmer like his father. Minor sentences- betrayal, deception, deceit Greatest- ‘est… On the end makes it a superlative Sounds off’s’ has sibilant qualities ‘Mound of macaroni’- alliteration- recognizes how she is one person buried amongst a great heap ‘how happy When wafting- this is something she loves doing Technique reflects the idea ‘small satisfaction of successfully- sibilance contrasts to regular evil representation as it symbolizes pleasure

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