My Middle school experiance

I went to nooses school in k and then left to do homecomings because my dad worked 3rd shift so we never got to see him. So after I graduated from k and my brother Jordan from k, we tried out homecomings. Over the years we went from text book to text book, system to system. None of them gave all of what we needed to know or was too short or too long. But even though we kept on changing what we did for curriculum we managed to know all what was required for our grade and age level and more because my dad was determined to keep us up to date with kids our read and trying to make us exceed and go above and beyond with our studies.

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We did a science class held at a church in Oconomowoc every Thursday because we didn’t have much time to do science at home because we were focused on all the other subjects. My dad would have mini lessons on phonics with us and teach us to read, he made sure it was always fun and that made it get into our heads fast. But 2010 my parent’s decided that they wanted us to have a good future and a Job when we get out of collage. So they decided to start a business on the farm for my and Jordan to take over one day and make a living off of it.

It started out slow, Just a couple of customers but LOTS of paper work for my mom and dad. We had a cross breed off white leghorn and a Cornish. The Cornish is a very meaty and well muscled bird, while the white leghorn grows to full size in 2-3 weeks, but we Just call them meat birds. We raised about 50 our first year in the business. And the following year we had twice as many chickens, 5 pigs, were selling egg to people and the local coffee shop in Hartford called Peer Place, had beef from our cousin, started out with 15 turkeys and last but not least, about ten times the paperwork for my mom from last year.

The summer of 2011, mom and dad decided that we were getting over our heads with the business, paperwork, animals, money, teaching us kids, with all of the expenses, and my dad’s super weird work schedule that kept on changing every week. So my mom and dad made the decision to put us into public school. Its emotional for my mom and dad but my mom especially because we had a serious family sit- down talk and the whole time my dad talked my mom had tears in her eyes, and my dad’s voice kept on cracking.

I’m not sure why it was so emotional for them but maybe it was the fact that maybe the fact that we had done homecomings or so long, they would get to see us much anymore as we used to, or maybe it was just because they thought that we were growing up. But for what ever the reason, my parent’s took it really hard and it was sad for them but they knew that we would excel in our classes and they were both very proud of us. So a week before school started, we got our supplies even though Walter was almost out of everything we still managed to get what we needed.

We even got some new school clothes! I thought school would be the coolest thing ever and be an amazing experience, that I as going to make tons of new friends, have almost no homework, lessons to be a breeze, and that everything would be perfect, turns out I was in for a BIG surprise. First day of school I was friendly to everyone and tried to learn faces and match them with names. I remember half of my class was from my k class. I remembered Patting, Connors, Megan, Males, Kyle Schultz, Jack, Nathan, Each and A. J.

The other half someone say thank you or excuse me or another manners, swear words and the F bomb were part of the normal language, and lots of the girls always wore really tight loathes and loads of makeup. Everyone was in a certain group and once you were put in a group, you were stuck in that group for life. You were either in the super popular, popular, semi popular, invisible people, idiots, or hated. I was in the hated group, I don’t know why, but maybe it’s because I was different, maybe it was the fact I was super tall I don’t know why, but that’s Just how it was.

I got blamed for everything and anything even though I didn’t do anything wrong. I was swinging on the swings by myself and Alai, Cattail, and McKenzie (all mean 8th graders) came ever to me and claimed that I stole Allis’s heart and key necklace that I got from a set of books at the book fair that was going on. I said I didn’t but they didn’t believe me and tried to rip it off my neck but Ron caught them and told them to leave me alone.

But later that week it was last period and I was trying to put my necklace back on after gym and they saw me with it and threatened to hurt me if I didn’t give it to her and if I told anyone, so I did. After the last bell rang I was walking to the bus gloomily and saw something shiny on the pavement. I looked at it closer and saw that it was y necklace smashed to pieces. So she didn’t think it really was hers, she Just wanted to have some “fun” bullying another person. I found that was really sad that that’s what they thought of “fun”.

I thought that maybe they had enough of me and might go and pick on someone else, but it Just got worse. They would start rumors around the middle school and since most people didn’t know me to well, they all thought that they were true. I tried to be nice to everyone, but it was no use. The rumors had spread to fast already. I tried for student council, I only got one vote out of twenty seven people, and that was me. The bullying continued all year long, but very slowly got better over the years.

Now in my eighth grade year, it’s gotten much better over time and I and now I have many friends in sixth and seventh grade and a couple of friends in my class and I’m a web leader now and also I’m going against Garrett for student council president and that’s pretty cool! I can’t wait till high school because it will be so much bigger and I will be able to meet so many new people and see my old friends from other schools. I hope to try out for high school track, basketball and volleyball. That’s my middle school experience!

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