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The very first impression about Hanoi that amazes every tourist from Western countries is the number of motor-vehicles. Motor cycles are everywhere. You can see from an ordinary worker to a young businessman in expensive suit with an phone in his hand hustling to work on a motorcycle. Using a motorbike is a smart and fast way to travel on such crowded streets in rush hours in Hanoi. Despite the hurricanes and business of the city, it is easy to find peaceful, quite corners to sit and enjoy a glass of ice-tea, fried peanuts and some chit-chat with a friend, maybe(!

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Hanoi is famous for its ancient streets. Throughout hundred years of history, despite the destruction of bombs and explosions, the streets still remain their beauty and serenity. You can find many kiosks on those streets selling handmade souvenirs and toys. The prices are so surprisingly cheap that sometimes you may not be able to exchange into US currency. A couple miles away from the old streets complex, to the middle of the city, you can find a huge lake. There is a small, red, curvy bridge linking too temple right in the middle of the lake.

The area around the lake is where most of the festivals will be celebrated. In the event of Lunar New Year, there will be thousands of people standing about the area, waiting eagerly to see the fireworks. There are so many festivals taking place in Hanoi that they cannot be listed all. Some most special among them are the Flower Festival, Books Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. The Flower Festival occurs usually a month after New Year Festival. Every ancient streets will be decorated with flowers. The Flower Parade will happen in the peeing and ending ceremony of the festival.

Artists and caretakers create huge models and shapes like a dragon, a book with different kinds of flower and bring them on to special trolleys and go around the ancient streets. The Book Festival takes place every year in order to celebrate the establishment of the very first university in Indochina. The university campus is over a thousand years old. It has stopped working since the Unguent Dynasty and was made into a religious center. Students come here on holidays or before important tests to wish for lucks. The Mid-Autumn

Festival is celebrated on August 1 5th according to the Lunar Calendar. It is considered the Eastern Christmas Day for Vietnamese, when children are given gifts, toys and money. Hawaiian have a very famous quote: “If you have not tasted the street food in Hanoi, you have not been to Hanoi at all. ” Street food is believed to be ten most attractive titration In Hanoi Tanat NAS Eden preserved tongue generations. There are totally 58 Vietnamese dishes that have been listed into list of World best dishes of BBC. Hanoi owns 30 of them. Most famous among them is “Pooh”.

If Japanese has Sushi, Mexican has Tacos, Italian has Pizza, so Vietnamese has Pooh. Pooh is cooked and eaten all over the world. However, the secret recipe to make the best broth can be found in nowhere but Hanoi. Nothing can beat the freezing cold winter days but a hot, appealing bowl of Pooh, with paper-thin slices of beef, and the smoothly, silky noodles. The smell of paper, cinnamon and the sizzling sound of fried chopped onions will force you to sit down and try Pooh. Beside Pooh, there are about 20 other types of noodles with different broths.

A bowl of noodle costs about one and a half dollar, which is nothing compared to a meal in McDonald which may cost you up to 7 bucks. Which do you choose, a cheap, healthy and tasty bowl of noodles and soup with fresh vegetables or a greasy burger with fries that can last for months? There are still so many special cultures and features to write about Hanoi that I cannot include in my essay. With the friendliness, hospitality and cuisine, I believe Hanoi will always be a must-go destination for every tourist, and the cultural center of Indochina.

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