My first day at CCM

As a fourteen-year old actress in Los Angels, California I was thinking that coming to a performing arts school all the way in Ohio, didn’t sound so great. I had been in movies and television. Why would I need to attend the College-conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati (CM)? I was going into the Prep program which was for children from the ages of 4-18 before they started the actual college. I was going to attend there for Acting and Musical Theatre, but I already had all of this experience and wisdom. What could I possibly learn here?

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Furthermore, I was afraid that coming room LA, I wouldn’t know anyone because I thought everyone there had spent most of their lives participating in this camp with each other. What would they think of me coming in to this program as an outsider? WSDL they accept me, or as I feared, would they Judge me? My first day there was the beginning of the most incredible experience of my life. When I walked into the bright colored hallways, with so many teens my age around me, all of a sudden I became shy. Someone would smile or wave, and I would Just look away.

Finally, when I arrived in my classroom there were o many friendly faces that would Just come over to me and greet me with such a warm presence. Most of my anxiety and fears faded when I realized that I had new friends. Our first class was Sword Fighting and Stage Combat. This was definitely a topic I became interested in with all of the movements we had to use to fight with each other. Every single one of my classmates had something interesting about them, and since there was only eight of us, we all got to know each other very closely.

When I had to perform in front of the entire class, I was nervous but excited to fight with a word while performing a scene! Once the class was over, we moved on to the next room for the “Messier Technique. ” Everyone in the class already knew what this was; I was the only person in the room who didn’t know this, and I had been acting longer than they had. I felt like an inexperienced actor for the first time, but I kept my mind open. I learned so much about the physical characteristics of what my role could do.

We had to be in character and walk around all over the campus and interact with the outer world with our particular emotions and quirks. But the rule was, once we leaked to actual strangers we couldn’t break character. Most of the kids in my class started to giggle and could not stay with their character’s emotion. I ended up being the only student that kept concentration and did not break focus even around other people. After that class it was time for lunch. I didn’t know what I was going to expect at lunch.

All of the teens from the other camps were there. My classmates and I decided to stick together at the same table since we didn’t know any of the other students yet. We walked into the cafeteria, and it was the largest one on the entire amps. We had such a huge variety of what we wanted to eat or even drink! After we got our food and drinks, we started to talk about how the sword fighting class was so much fun and challenging. Then everyone congratulated me for staying in character and concentrating on the Messier technique.

I got to know personally everyone in my class. We talked about where they came from and why they wanted to act. They asked me questions about LA and what movies I had been in. Once we finished lunch, it was time for the Immersion class. We had to share that class with all e performed Hip Hop, and that is one of my favorite types of dancing. We started with warm ups and then as the class went on, each student had to do a combination. Then on the last time we performed it in front of everyone, I fell and could not get up.

Every time I would try to stand, my ankle would have a unbearable shooting pain. It was one of the most embarrassing moments I had ever experienced because half of the room laughed, and the other half gasped. My friends practically carried me to the first aid office, and they stayed there with me the entire time. Then the doctor there cleared that my ankle was broken. I was fine with it, but I was a little disappointed. At least it was the end of the day and I got do all of my classes.

Although my day ended unhappily, I learned that I shouldn’t Judge a situation before I enter it. Also, I should always keep my mind open and embrace new experiences. When I first arrived at CM, I was scared and Judgmental. Now I’m confident and open-minded. I made new friends and experienced new things that I will cherish forever. Because of my involvement in this wonderful class, I made the decision to stay in Ohio and complete full time courses at CM Prep.

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