In Mural’s article, he argues about the value of the college education. It has been widely accepted that four years on a college campus is a desirable way for young people to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood. But Murray thinks the idea is not right. First, most people think that obtaining a BAA will help them get higher-paying Job. It is partly true. For some Jobs like biomedical, physics, it’s the knowledge learned from the process of getting a BAA helps them get a higher paying grade, not the certificate f BAA itself.

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BAA is Just a “admission ticket” to get a Job. In order to verify his idea, he sets up a example that a boy with an exceptional small- motor skill and an average academically skill trying to decide between going to college and becoming an electrician. Through this example, he demonstrates that the boy can receive higher income by becoming a top-electrician than becoming a mediocre manager after graduating college. Second, The author claims that the idealized college environment has no longer existed today.

Students learn less in the way of subject matter, but also in the way of hard work, self-discipline, self-restraint, and respect. The students are not taking college seriously as they were before. Their bills paid by their parent’s not themselves is one of the factors. And last, the author thinks the BAA creates a class division among those who have BAA and those who don’t. And last, the author thinks the BAA creates a class divisive

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