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Condo Automobiles a private limited company a sedan car manufacturing company incorporated in the state of Sports and is a world deader in sedan cars they started manufacturing and dealing with Sports Utility Vehicle (SUB) from the year 2010 Aria Dealers is an authorized member for the sale and service of the vehicles manufactured by Condo Automobiles located at Florence Square New Celli State of Sports On 3rd March 2012 Mr…. Lorenz purchased a SUB MIX manufactured by Condo automobiles from Aria Dealers.

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On September 12, 2012 the purchased by Mr…. Lorenz was going to have its first complementary service . Mr…. Lorenz complained on certain that he faced problems related to gear changing and had difficulty in shifting gear levels especially in the down shifting of he gears. Aria Dealers stated that such problems in gear transmission are due to manufacturing defects which is beyond their servicing facilities and for rectification of such defects the car was required to be sent to the Condo Automobiles service center Mr….

Lorenz agreed upon this and the car was returned to Mr…. Lorenz after fifteen days (15) . After the first complementary service Mr…. Lorenz car was due for its second free service at the end of first year of purchase on March 5, 2013 . Mr…. Lorenz pointed out that he is facing wheel alignment problem after first implementation service he further stated that on two isolated occasions the gear shifting was very stiff and as a consequence he faced great inconvenience in the smooth shifting if gears.

The experts at Aria Dealers told him that this is a result of wearing in the shifter cable which require minor repairs. On July 21, 2013 Lorenz was returning from the annual monsoon party of his bank at Hotel Golden Tusk. The tile was around 2 a. M. Mr…. Lorenz squatter an calculate resulting In a alert collision with a pole standing along the side of the road Mr…. Lorenz only suffered minor injuries because the air bags were deployed after the collision. He was taken to Olympia Hospital where various test and treatments were done.

As a standard practice blood test was conducted on Mr…. Lorenz and it showed his BACK (Blood Alcohol Content) was 35 MGM/ml . Approximately a 100 meters away from the accident site there was a maternity clinic in which a pregnant lady Ms. Laura Haddock was admitted. Ms. Haddock was unable to sleep and was peeping out of the window and she saw the accident of the Mr…. Lorenz car and she was under such shock that unfortunately she had a miscarriage. Ms. Haddock blamed Mr…. Lorenz for her nervous shock.

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