Misleading and unethical

Misleading and Unethical American companies have many individual goals that change constantly as they are achieved, but one remains constant; the thirst for consumer activity. To ensure the growth of company through consumerism, commercials, such as Taco Bell’s Nava Young”, are introduced to the world in hopes of increasing the number of products purchased. This particular commercial broadcasted nationwide during the 2013 upper bowl is both misleading and unethical in several ways.

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Taco Bell concentrates on gaining attention by appealing to an individual’s desires; one in particular being human aggression. It’s more than a fantasy to live a life in mischief, but knowing that it continues to more serious consequences prevents people from acting foolishly with such reckless behavior. As an observer of the commercial “viva young”, thoughts of a venturous life lurk throughout the mind, and an be misled into believing that behavior like this can be waived by the police in such a place as Taco Bell.

Furthermore, in the company’s efforts to target particular crowds, they usually find success with people that can relate; the mature crowd looking to relive their youth. In the same way, the company targets adolescents who believe that the “elderly fun” is pleasing and comical and would potentially participate in with the merriment. In its efforts to grab the audience’s attention, Taco

Bell portrays gaiety and an evening filled with cheerfulness with its product; luring people into every Taco Bell across the country after their nightly festivities. Though it is effective in persuading the audience into consuming more of their products, the ideas of Taco Bell’s commercial Nava Young” provides false information about the products and how it’s related to social acts outside of the company. It is obscurely deceiving to its consumers and should be taken from a more appropriate approach.

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