Miscegenation and the Pocahontas Narrative

Miscegenation and the Pocahontas Narrative The first thought that came to mind when reflecting back on all of the readings we have completed for the week comes from a line in Talon’s “Miscegenation and the Pocahontas Narrative in Colonial and Federalist America. ” On page twelve Tilting explains that historians have stated that the intermarriage between Pocahontas and Role lead to keeping peace between the races and even the civilization of the Indians.

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This reminded me of the White Man’s Burden that is so often talked about hen the discussion of whites taking over the Indian lands arises. The White Man’s Burden is the thought that whites are assigned to the task of teaching the native people what it means to be civilized, as well as integrating them into the typical white society. As discussed, Phaeton and his people already had systems of diplomacy developed Just as the whites did.

It may have been considered a less sophisticated system, determined largely by family structures, but despite being considered less complex, there was no visibly apparent reason on why It changed. This dynamic is also seen In the letter of John Role to Thomas Dale on page sixty- seven when he says that it would be beneficial to Pocahontas for her to be converted to Christianity. “Shall I be of so untoward disposition as to refuse to lead the blind into the right way? He asks. “Shall I be so unnatural, as not to give bread to the hungry? ‘ Role believes that he can alter the unchristian ways that Pocahontas has been living and convert her to a more acceptable member of society by marrying her. This is Interesting because the two mall reasons that he presents to Role as to why e wants to marry her Is because he loves her deeply and that he has a sort of “If you can’t beat ‘me, Join ‘me” mentality.

When Role needed more of an argument as to why he should marry her, he pulled out the religion card and played to the fact that he would be able to show her the righteous Christian way If her were to make her his wife. On page fifteen of Talon’s article, he states that It would have been more beneficial If a larger majority of colonists had chosen to marry Native Americans. When the colonists were having difficulty finding resources and food to survive the cough winters, the Native Americans would have been able to help them better endure and adapt to the harsh conditions.

In the records of John Smith, he expresses his gratitude to the kindness of Pocahontas and the rest of her father’s people. This shows a difference In the perception of the Native Americans, as they proved to be resourceful and helpful rather than violent people. A final Issue I have yet to comprehend since first learning about mixed marriages and their offspring Is the fact that no matter how many generations separated from the original “full-blooded other,” one will always be considered an “other. ” This Is

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