MGT 448 WK 1 Self-Assessment Questions

MGT 448 WK 1 Self-Assessment Questions BY ntta2660 MGT 448 Self-Assessment Questions Week One: Contemporary Global Business Environment Note: Answers to questions appear on the last page of this document. One of the two factors that seem to underlie the trend toward globalization is change in communication, information, and transportation technologies. The other factor is the demise of communism in Russia. declining trade barriers. the strength of the U. S. dollar and Japanese Yen. fewer international conflicts. the influence of the United Nations. Which is a consequence of the globalization of production and markets?

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In the last decade, world trade has not grown as quickly as world output. In the last decade, world trade has grown at the same pace as world output. Foreign direct investment has declined. Competitive pressures have decreased in multiple industries. Imports have become more prominent in the world’s industrial nations. are abstract ideals about what a society believes to be good, right, and desirable. Norms Social rules Values Cultures Traditions Pragmatic nationalism sees the multinational enterprise as an imperialist tool for exploiting host countries.

True False In a(n) arriers to trade between member countries are removed, but each country determines its own external trade policy. customs union common market economic union free trade area political union Proponents of globalization believe all of the following EXCEPT: Falling barriers to international trade and investment drive the global economy toward greater prosperity. Increased international trade and cross-border investment will result in lower prices for goods. Increased international trade and cross-border investment force businesses to move manufacturing Jobs to countries where labor wages are lower.

Globalization raises the incomes of consumers. It creates Jobs in countries that choose to participate in global trading systems. Critics of globalization are concerned that free trade encourages firms to move manufacturing facilities to nations that are developing, but lack regulations to protect laborers and the environment. True Generally speaking, global corporations are the most common form of corporations. have no regional or national ties. have strong regional and national ties. are regulated by the European Union and the United States Government. have no tax liability. MGT 448 Self-Assessment Answers

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