Metacognitive Journal Of Mice and Men Curley’s Wife

While I was reading, I felt sorry for Curlers wife but I also despise her attitude at the same time. Even though I feel bad for her life, she was not such a nice person. Curlers wife was young and pretty; she could’ve achieved a lot more things in her life. She could have become an actress in Hollywood and pursue her dreams. She ended up marrying Curly to escape her 01′ lady, but it ended all her life long dreams and hopes. It almost seems like she was trapped inside an invisible cage.

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She doesn’t eke Curler. She gets bored of him bragging about the fights he’s going to have. Curlers wife deserves a better life that this. She would’ve made something out of herself if she didn’t marry Curler. Even though Curlers wife is trapped, she was really mean to Crooks. Crooks never done anything to her; she keeps getting others in to trouble by talking to them causing Curler to get mad. Crooks Just ask her to leave his room because people are tired of her appearing everywhere stirring up trouble.

Instead of leaving to cause no conflict, Curlers wife ended up threatening to frame Crooks and get him killed. It was a really cruel act. This shows the injustice whites had toward African Americans. They are all people, but the whites got an advantage over the African Americans. If Curlers wife yelled that Crooks raped her, even though it’s false, Crooks would be lynched right away. It is not Justice at all for the Africans Americans. People didn’t have equal rights and it could lead them to death. Curlers wife mentioning to lynch Crooks is Just horrible.

It shows that she could be cold- hearted and brutal. At first, I felt really sorry for Curlers wife because of her trapped, lonely life. Then when I read about her threatening to lynch Crooks, that goriness disappeared and was replaced by anger. I felt mad about the ways African Americans were treated back then. It was not fair at all. They were treated like they were not humans; they were discriminated by the society. I’m thankful that blacks now have equal rights as other colored men’s. It is finally fair.

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