Meadows Study Group

We don’t need a place to view the city skyline, there are plenty of places to do that Make it like a park – it is a no brainier Don’t encourage people to come up here Don’t talk about concepts until security is addressed Trees – will oppose the removal of any trees on Hilltop Meadow 16 year old shot on January 7, 2008 Murder- (+1- 15 year ago) appears to have been drug related Cannot find any reference to murder in Chasten Park Reference of drug related suicide 10-12 years ago Reference (2006) of Chasten Park girl attempting suicide with vehicle Teenage drug and alcohol hangout

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Arson at Grill at large turn out Teenagers burning Christmas tree from chimney of fireplace in late December. Fire department put fire out. +/-pm. Screams during the night (not specific to time). Not sure if they are being attacked or engaged in sexual activity Trails should not be established. Emory put in trails and 4 girls were killed. Root has call into Emory University for background and timing on incident Street is Dark Lighting summary will be part of security assessment Cars speed along drive Park Drive traffic calming is part of Trust Fund proposal Activity all night on Friday/Saturday nights

Pedestrians are not safe PM initiative for PATH along south edge of Park. May remove turn outs Love teen eager died of alcohol poisoning after drinking on Park Drive Smash and grabs from cars Homosexual sex deals Install a manned booth at one end to monitor those entering Park Drive Will not bring kids up to area until it is safe Will not support investment in area until it is safe If Park Drive is closed – concern that Drug Deals will take place near the closures (Stella) and people will park and walk in Traffic Traffic is congested at WWW/Dudley due to parking on both sides of street

Consider bisecting Park Drive to enhance pedestrian safety PM calls for longer term plan to add PATH to south side of Park Drive to enhance pedestrian safety Need to consider cross walks from meadow to meadow If Park Drive is closed, where does traffic go? During PM process, concern that Park Drive traffic would divert up Dudley and across Stella, putting addition traffic into neighborhood Maintenance Clear Kudzu Trash – leads to Rats Clean up what you have Mosquitoes because Pond is stagnant Nancy Creek – smells (overflow on 9/24).

This area should be fixed before you even hind about the meadows CUP Board member that lives at corner of ELF/lengthener reports dramatic improvement in smell after tunnel installed. Not reporting complaints of smell. While there is tremendous improvement, there is still a large Priority These meadows are not Needed and no one has asked for them Skyline Meadow – we have other views of the Skyline from other areas of the park That is not the intent of the concept Clear Pond and create fishing area Pond needs Rain. Water level issues being reviewed with Watershed. Public fishing does take place and there are fish in pond

Pond is PM initiative, but to retain in natural fashion Communication / minutes Minutes to the meetings are not published Open House notes are summarized Minutes from the previous Study Group meetings will be distributed with these notes Meeting is interfering with youth sports and is not convenient. See Meeting Notes. CPA on point to establish meeting dates and has been delayed due to volunteer schedule and vacation schedule Meeting times are not posted CUP abrupt in decision to clear area Ongoing as part of invasive plant removal Area is known as Cocaine Lane

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