Marvelous Dash

My choice of high school is Design Architecture Senior High or DASH for short. The main reasons why I want to attend Dash is because of their wonderful academics that can help you achieve a full paid scholarship. Another reason why I want to attend Dash is because I want to evolve artistically, and become better at many forms of art. Finally, a reason why I want to attend Dash is because my closest friends will also be trying to get into Dash.

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An average high school has more than a thousand students, so the standard for grades and tests are dramatically lowered due to the lack of great and wise teachers and their skills that needed for students to understand a subject or lesson. In smaller schools, such as Dash, the academics are raised since they have a financial advantage to hire better and more experienced teachers. The college readiness index is 97. 6 (amazing! ), the math proficiency is 3. 2, and the reading proficiency is 3. 8. What could you ask more of?!

In addition Dash has a very small student to teacher ratio, which is 16:1, compared to the average 30:1 or more. Students have a huge advantage and become smarter and more understanding of all subjects. To put the icing on the cake, Dash is a magnet school, with many awards for merit, and is ranked #20 out of all the high schools in the United States. Wow! That is a quite a big deal, and I would like to take an advantage, since most students that graduate from Dash have a scholarship to many colleges and universities.

The academics of Dash are so much better than most schools in the Miami area, so I will take the chance and attend Dash to improve my future. Satisfaction runs through your body: your art started off is splendid, but when you graduate from Dash, your art has improved immensely, raising the bar for your future expectations. Who wouldn’t to evolve artistically, to discover yourself and your trademark in art, such as specializing in orator, still life, etc.? According to Dash students, the art program within the school has helped them become better artists unlike any other class, course, or school.

Many of the students have become successful in their artistic career. Normally, if it seems too good to be true, then it’s not true. Yet, seeing actual results and great recommendations from friends and family, it HAS to be true. Hopefully, I will have the chance to see the results for myself and evolve artistically, start off as a sketch and beautifully become a Mona Lisa. A new atmosphere, new surroundings, new faces, it an all be pretty terrifying if you are unfortunately alone, especially in a new high school. What could make this situation not as fearful?

If you go to a new high school with friends that you already have, such as close friends from a previous school, then they first few days of school will seem extremely less frustrating. Two of my friends are planning to attend Dash, if they are chosen out of the random lottery. Vive already creates stress for me and I won’t even know if I will meet good friends there. Assuring that my friends will be by my side when school starts and throughout the year gives e hope that I won’t have to go through the “fresh meat” stage alone.

In my final analysis, there are various reasons why I want to attend the much talked about Dash. Academics is very important for myself and my mother, so I want to receive the best education possible, which is readily available at Design Architecture Senior High. In addition, Dash is known for helping students evolve artistically and helping them become better artists. One of the reasons why I want to attend Dash is because some of my friends will also be attending, and I don’t want to start from scratch to make new friends. Don’t you wish you could go to Dash now?

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