Marijuana Research

Many people feel as if marijuana is a gateway drug, but in reality people have their own opinions on the legalization of marijuana due to their upbringings, religions, morals, and specific events that have happened throughout their lives. Throughout history marijuana has been used to serve various purposes in many different cultures. Although the purposes may have adapted to the everyday lifestyles of American’s today, it still has a very historical past. Way before man knew that you could smoke marijuana it proved to be a very useful creation. Marijuana goes back as far a 2700 B.

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C. And was used for many everyday uses as well as for medicinal use. It is often told to Americans, throughout grapeshot and highlights, that marijuana is bad for our health and that the government puts much effort into disciplining people for withholding the drug or being under the influence of it. So what is the real reason for marijuana becoming illegal? A very large and complex debated throughout America now a days is whether or not marijuana should stay illegal. Now everybody has their own opinions on this top, but facts are contributing to it?

The legalization of marijuana is an incredibly diverse topic in America today, but if you really look at all of the facts there are many reasons why it should be legalized. Body Paragraph 1: history of marijuana The scientific name of Marijuana is, Cannabis Static, and was first discovered in China around 4000 B. C. , but there are historical manuscripts that have been found dating back to 2700 B. C. It is said that marijuana was first to America when pilgrims rough it to the new world to make hemp rope.

Marijuana wasn’t smoked until the sass’s when it was brought to America from Mexico. Body Paragraph 2: medicinal uses & daily uses Before it was known that you could smoke marijuana it was used for many different purposes. Body Paragraph 3: Why it became illegal Rules and regulations on what you could and couldn’t do with marijuana first began in the sass’s. Body Paragraph 4: Why it should be legalized There are many opinions about whether not marijuana should be legalized or not, UT there are also many reasons why it should be legalized.

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