Little miss sunshine

Interior of a ass’s family home. The dilapidated walls are a mustard color while the doors are starting to fall off their hinges. Olive stands in front of the full bodied mirror in the bathroom after the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant and look at herself in disgust. She’s wearing a light pink top and red leggings along with her red sweatband. The colors clash like two stubborn people. There’s only a small amount of light being let in by the window through the rip in the curtain and it’s shining right t Olive.

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She’s started reflecting on the Journey she has Just arrived back from and it’s then she realizes, she’s not good enough for anything or anyone. Olive: I thought I was doing a good thing. I thought it was going to be all worthwhile. I thought I was going to win… Why did you ever think you were going to win? I mean seriously Olive, look at yourself and then remember those other beauty pageant girls. You were nothing like them: their nice tans and their slim bodies’, their nicely done-up hair and their makeup.

You have none of that. You could never have won even if you tried. You’re a loser and that’s all you’ll ever be (sighs). Olive keeps looking at herself in the mirror pulling at her hair and her clothes The sad thing about it is though that the one person you thought you could trust actually was the one that let you down in the end… She looks up to the sky as she starts talking about granddad. She paces back in forth across the room. She is starting to harden her tone as she goes. Who’d you do it grandpa?

You made me look a fool. You made the whole family look like fools, and you weren’t even here to support me in the end. No, you know what I realism now? You’re a selfish coward that never cared for any of us. You Just decided that your addiction (said sarcastically) was more important than me, “the most beautiful girl on the planet”. Your words exactly.. How could you? I relied on you, I needed you.. Olive subtly starts to soften her tone as she goes and sits on the side of the bath with her head in her hands.

Right from the beginning, I always told myself that you were always the one that was going to be my side until the end. The one that was always going to look out for me, support me. Encourage me to be the best I could be in life, but now.. Now I feel as if you have Just used me for one of your little games and it’s not fair on me. I don’t even feel as if I belong in this family already and you’ve made it worse for me. Olive stands and goes back pacing back and forth and starts talking to the rest of her family. You’re all ashamed of me and I can tell.

I can tell by the way o all make subtle hints about my weight and the little looks you all give me. I know I’m not the winner you wanted me to be dad but I’m doing the best I can, I only entered that contest because I wanted you to be proud of me. I wanted everyone to be proud of me for once. Mum, I know you wanted to let me be who I wanted to be, but I wish you had of Just told me the truth rather than lie to me. Yes, you wanted to protect me… But sometimes protecting your little girl meaner having to be truthful. I can handle it, I’m older now.

I don’t need protecting. Olive goes back to standing staring t herself in the mirror and starts talking to herself again. I guess deep down I really did know what grandpa was trying to achieve and I turned a blind eye to it. I just wanted to make him proud, make the rest of you proud. It’s your fault in the end olive, I mean look at yourself. You’re nothing like those beauty pageant girls with their have none of that. So stop trying. Olive goes and sits in the corner of the bathroom huddled in a ball and starts to cry.

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