life is a journy

Life is like a Journey, the longer you travel the more experience you will gain, some of those experience will be very memorable and will become hard to forget. That memorable moment will pierce into your heart, attached to your brain like a new born attached to his mother. My life Journey Just began, but IVe already made some un forgettable experiences that taught me so much about life and the people around me, shaping me to the person that I’m today.

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One of those moments began when my father a poor lementary school teacher decided that it was time for a change in our familys life. He was tired of seeing other families in luxury while he couldn’t afford to buy his family dinner. That day came when my father decided to move to the United States of America in search of a better life or perhaps to chase his American dream. My father left us with my mother, and promised us he will come back to get us after two months. He took 200 dollars in his pocket leaving us with 50 dollars to get by for the next 2 months.

Trying to get on 50 dollars for two months isn’t easy especially if you have to buy gas every day to sustain heat inside your house. My mother tried her best to use those 50 dollars but failed, it seemed as if the price of very thing has doubled. The money didn’t last us 20 days after that I knew we were going to go broke for the next 40 days which seemed as if they were 40 years. I felt useless when I saw my mother’s tears drop because she couldn’t provide food for us, she could provide anything during dinner time except for some bread and water.

We were latterly that broke even our fridge started making growling noises because it was empty with out a single thing in it except for its plastics parts, I guess it was Just like our stomachs empty and shallow. After a couple of days I couldn’t stand the situation we were in, it was time for me to man up and become the man of the house I dint want to see my mother cry or my sisters hungry. Many ideas started coming up to my head such as stealing or asking other family members for money, but I couldn’t do any of those I felt like I had too uch pride in my self to commit some thing as pitiful as that.

I decide to do something else which seem to me as lame as can be, but I didn’t have any other choice. I decided to go to the farmers market that was held every Saturday and pick all the unwanted things the farmers threw away. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to do and most of the thing I got would disgust an animal if he saw them but again I ahs no choice and I didn’t want to relay on anyone else. We want on like that for a life is a journy By Yama-Merrouche

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