Letter of justification

Greetings of ardency in the pursuit of academic excellence! Professor, I know that the midterm examination was scheduled a week ago, but regardless how much planning we have, things not always go the way we would like them to. ‘ know that you are a busy professional, but I would like if is not much to ask that you take five minutes from your time to read this lines regarding of my absent to the past test. The heavy rain came and I had to fetch my mother from the hospital because she as sick.

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The incident happened before the day of the examination. Moreover, because I went to the hospital, I have been exposed by communicative diseases such as fever and colds, which catalyst by heavy downpour that led me into sick. When I went home, my feeling became bad and my head has been attacked by numbs and pains. After a while, my body temperature started to rise and fever dominated my whole body, but I still reviewed for next days examination even though I’m not feeling ell already the night before the test.

The next morning, which was the day of the midterm examination; unfortunately, I overslept and did not make it to the test for the reason mentioned. I knew that my reason was invalid and I should be liable enough to my negligence, but I am so determined to have that midterm exam and if you don’t mind, I have been reviewing for the past week Just to pass the exam and to improve my performance in your class.

I have been always a follow example in your class and maybe I’m asking too much from you, but at this point I have no other option. I knew that you are strict and demanded mandatory attendance for our class, but I also know that goodness dwells in your both heart and mind, I hope might not offend you. I hope to receive a positive response to this letter soon. Whatever happens, I will remain ever grateful to you. Thank you and more power sir. Sincerely, letter of justification By election

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