Lennie Smalls

Decision The State of California wants to charge Mr… Leonie Small with murder, rape in the town of Weed, theft, and sexual assault. They want Mr… Leonie Small put to death by the electric chair. The Defending team would like Mr… Leonie Small put into an asylum. I as the Judge looked through all the evidence that the Defense and State of California have gathered to make my final decision.

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The defense wants him in the asylum because Leonie has a mental issue and that the murder he committed was unintentional and has poor Judgment in stressful times. Mr… Leonie is quick to fend things he loves and doesn’t know his own strength. When Curly and Leonie got into a fight, Curly started punching Leonie. After much encouragement from his friends, Leonie grabbed Curly hand in self defense. He became scared and didn’t know when to stop. Leonie also does not understand the unspoken rules of society.

Back in Weed he was accused of rape. George testified that Leonie was Just feeling her red dress. He had no motivation to commit all these crimes. The State of California wants Mr… Leonie Small put to death by the electric chair because he committed murder and he is very capable of doing it again. His temper can easily get n the way of his mind like when his puppy nipped at him and he crushed and killed it. Mr… Leonie Small is also very hostile and unsafe.

If he were to put into an asylum he could easily hurt some of the patients and or doctors. The Constitution of the United States says that all men are created equal, so even though Mr… Small has a mental issue, he did still kill curly wife. As the Judge in this case, I have looked through all the evidence thou rally and came to a conclusion. Mr… Leonie Small is guilty of the murder of Curly wife. He will be charged with life in prison. He committed 2nd degree murder and that is my final decision.

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