Legalize divorce

Technically speaking, divorce by definition nullifies marriage. For me, it defeats the purpose of getting married. In a wider sense, I do not approve of divorce because there is annulment and I believe it is enough if marriage is not working between the couple. Divorce would be the primary hindrance in promoting family values. The problem is women and children are constantly getting abused, so if that is the case, will separation be enough? I believe if we really want to end the problem regarding abuses, we should rather penalize the wrong actions.

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But most of all, uplifting morals ND values would be the long term key towards this problem. According to my interviewee, divorce nullifies the whole sanctity of marriage. It completely eradicates the people’s values and it makes people vulnerable for the fact that it makes people lax that there will always be a way out of a marriage, by this; divorce is foreseen as a solution to every marriage problem there is present. I believe that the sanctity of marriage should be kept, but what about those people who are in an abusive relationship? Will we let him or her be stuck in a marriage she/he is not happy in?

I tryingly believe that marriage makes the world go round. It is the happiness to both couples ( at least for starters). And it completely sacrifices the single lives of both couples. This single life is more often than not missed by both of them, that is why there is a presence of a little bit of resentment. I believe that it has been the case ever since marriage and commitment is invented. Commitment is a big thing and as clickГ© as it may possibly sound, commitment is big responsibility. It does entail having a big responsibility because it makes use of commitment and love with one another.

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