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Summarize why immigration is an important issue in the United States. Include how immigrants can become citizens. Immigration is an important issue because the United States is a nation of immigrants. It is also an important issue because there are millions who live in the United States illegally. Immigrants can become citizens by first becoming lawful permanent residents of the United States and after five years apply for naturalization and be granted US citizenship. 2.

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What states or areas in the country have the greatest concerns over immigration policy? Explain your response. I believe California has the greatest concern over immigration policy. California has a big issue with the drug cartel in Mexico. Drug cartel is much known in California and they are trying their hardest to fix that problem. 3. From what country do most immigrants (legal and illegal) originate? How has this affected how the United States approaches the issue? Most immigrants originate from Mexico.

The United States is trying to create a better a border control system in order to prevent illegal immigration. 4. Do you think the DREAM Act would have been an effective approach to the immigration issue? Explain why or why not. Include your opinions on any other suggestions you have studied. I do believe the DREAM Act would have been an effective approach because it would have given those who came to America for a better life actually will be able to get a better life. Recently there was a girl from

Somalia and her behavior was deplorable, she was in and out of Juvenile detention centers so the they tried sending her back but was civil war going on. Her sister and her parole officer who also an immigrant, told her she didn’t belong her because she is ruining the reputation for the other people who want to be a part of America and create a new life. DREAM Act is for those who aren’t like that girl from Somalia because they would actually want to do something with their life, like the parole officer of the girl.

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